Career Workshop for Schools

Career Workshop for schools is a general program supplying a broad overview of the career options available to students of various streams, using an introduction to career preparation. The interactive workshops for schools, with aids, aids students in identifying higher education paths that are appropriate and career alternatives thus empowering them to determine the measures they will need to choose to equip themselves. This workshop for schools is an introductory program to its importance in career planning and methodology. It follows a broad summary of career options available to pupils of every stream.

Career Workshop for high schools exposes students to a lot of opportunities in a range of professional areas from fashion designing, law enforcement and hotel management to business management, biotechnology and environmental sciences. It covers not only the conventional careers like the civil services, law, technology and medicine, as well as a host of new options in event management, modelling, cellular programs design, film animation, music technology, internet design, fashion merchandising, social media marketing and many more.

This can be an engaging workshop, with all audio-visual aids, which aids students in identifying education routes that are appropriate as well as other career alternatives.

During the question and answer sessions, both students and their parents can put forward any query they could have about the different options available, as also on the suitable institutions for research in India and overseas and even the job opportunities afterwards.

How the Career Workshop for Schools with Works?

We deliver a string of livelihood skills workshops and activities throughout the year to assist you in developing professional skills. Skills workshops for schools will help you to make a good impression at work and build your job search skills. Primarily delivered by specialist staff within our Professions Centre, with a few sessions offered by invited industry guest speakers, our workshops are a valuable opportunity to gain information to strengthen your career and into your first graduate job.

How do you decide on the subject streams for your school? It is bound to be a very confusing task. However, this is the very first step to creating a career decision. The selection of career impacts your whole life. The topics you study in Classes 11 and 12 lay the foundation for your choice of topics in University. Hence the focus of the workshop is to produce awareness among pupils of the process of career planning and to help them research the hundreds of exciting career possibilities from the subject streams.

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Objectives of Career Workshop for Schools with iDreamcareer

We seek to improve the quality of life for students. Idreamcareer Career Planning workshop offers activities and information to help you in understanding and implementing the Career Planning process.

Our objectives include, but are not limited to the following.

Career Planning Process:  What are the steps to career preparation? Participants will participate in activities throughout the three days to make sure they are confident in implementing these steps.

Self-Discovery:  Provides participants who have interactive and written assessments for identifying their values, interests and abilities. The Career Decision Making System (booklet and map) is used to narrow down some career possibilities for every customer.

Identifying and exploring career options:  After the assessments, participants will be able to identify careers employing a hands-on approach. They document their research and will run an in-depth career study. We present the latest labour market trends to our students to enable them to make wise decisions.

Decide:  Learning about the decision-making process and how it relates to the career preparation process will help participants make decisions about their career plans.

Self-Confidence:  Self-confidence and self-esteem are usually tied together. In this session, participants will examine approaches, for example, to focus on the positive, learn from failure and transfer it.

Action planning:  Produce a step-by-step Student Investment Plan in cooperation with the Facilitator. This lesson will also present how to stay on track and focused. Ensuring that participants are capable of accomplishing their goal is the top priority.

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What Makes Us The Preferred Choice for Career Workshop for Schools

Career Counselling is the process of giving guidance, support and advice for selecting the stream after class 10th, and the ideal livelihood after 12th. It involves cooperation from the schools. Indecision and career confusion can affect a student at any stage of their career. Therefore, it's necessary to find the support plan ahead and to resolve it. Idreamcareer offers students an opportunity to explore different career options, their scope, schools and opportunities, and help them make the right career choice. Having a team of career counsellors from Harvard, ISB, IIT and India's leading psychologists, you can be confident you'll find the most reliable advice. It also offers career training for schools.