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Jan 2015

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Are you vexed from the constant pestering from your family or the interrogative attitude of your friends? Are you burdened under the arduous act of scoring well in the Board examinations? Is the constant alarming bell of boards haunting your days and nights? Buried under the expectations of your family and relatives?


The stage for battlefield is almost ready and the commandos will be ordered to jump in the field anytime. The mind state of anxious soldiers working hard to achieve a win-win situation is quite similar to the school students who are about to appear in the life changing Board examinations. The constant speech of motivation and caution by family, friends and relatives along with the special treatment makes kids feel like the warrior getting prepared for a war at LOC. These additional efforts are a sign that now the student will be exposed to a wider competition across the country and not just with their own classmates. Board examinations are the deciding factor of our fate to reach from high school to higher secondary education and from higher secondary to degree education. Since the pressure is set to blow the whistle of board examinations very soon, just by abiding some of these tips you can board the train successfully and reach your target destination.


  #1: Focus on your present status

Nobody knows us better than our own selves, so no matter what has gone by simply focus on what you are left with right now. Clearly jot down the done and yet to-be-done list of topics as it's high time to exert firm labour. If your friends have completed their syllabus and creating deadly nightmares for you then don't let all of this unnecessarily trouble you; just focus on your studies. At the end of the day, it's you who have to appear for your exam and score well as none of your friends will be there to help you out. You can fool others but not yourself so realize your true self and the hidden potential within you, as it's the real key to your success.

  #2: The game of time

Don't worry, if you couldn't perform well in your pre-boards; instead of being demotivated rather be inspired to work harder on your flaws. Nobody can study 24 x 7 and neither are we expecting you to do that, there has to be a balance in your routine. Proper time management and planned study is the key to excel in any examination where you have to cover a vast course. Devote appropriate time for your subjects according to their difficulty level. Don't take up all the subjects at the same time; sync your study time table with the exam schedule. Also, if your capacity to study is 5 hours a day then you may consider to give 3 hours to a difficult subject and set aside 2 hours for an easier subject and soon within few days you'll become a master of timing yourself. Remember it's all a game of time!

 #3: Take a chill pill

Students often get trapped between the act of exam stress and staying calm anyway. The intensity of worries increase as the day of examination comes near however we all know worrying hasn't solved a thing in this world. So cheer up and give a glance to the beautiful nature or do a little work out and meditation and it will surely help you overcome your fears. Taking short breaks between studies and hopping around doing your favourite stuff will refresh your mind, body and soul. Deep breathing can calm you in case of anxiety. Whatever you do, just be sure that you feel relaxed before sitting down to study again.

  #4: Magical effect of Ambience

Recently an intriguing advertisement of Asian Paints starring Sharukh Khan, revealed the effect of colors and ambience on our life and how the human psyche works in varied atmospheres. From the top level architects to interior designers, their demand has definitely increased as residents don't want to compromise with their living den. So when we are so particular about every nook and corner of our home then definitely the study area also has to be perfect. A noise free zone away from the hassle of visitors and other people inside the house, minus the presence of electronic gadgets or other such distractions will be the best place for concentrated studies. Make sure your room is clutter free, getting ample sunlight and with greenery around, all this adds to the positive effect for studying. So choose your study place wisely as it does affect your concentration more than you think!

  #5: Quickly stick it on

You must have heard about the practice of having a vision board, like having positive and happy pictures in your room, photos of things you want to do or sticking posters of cute babies in the room of a pregnant lady. It is said that vision is an important factor for processing our thoughts, so what you see frequently lasts in your mind for long and consequently develops into practice. This will prove to be beneficial in your case too therefore as soon as you complete studying, write the important points on colorful stick-on or sheets and stick them around your room or any area where you tend to be more often. This will serve as a quick revision of your lessons whenever you see them and the notes will imprint in your mind creating wonders in memory power.

  #6: Learn from the past stories

The only difference between generations is that the earlier ones are more experienced than the newbies; so the syllabus of your exams may vary but the method to score well will still stay effective. Solve the past 8-10 years question papers or the mock test papers under the guidance of an adult for better understanding of the exam pattern. You may be well prepared but not exam ready; by catching hold of the expert tips of teachers and learning the art of smart studies, you can increase your success rate. Managing within the prescribed time, highlighting the important points with pencil, drawing and labeling for better understanding and so on, are few of the points that need to be considered by the students while giving exams.

  #7: The art of comprehending

Our Indian education system is designed in a way where marks are a major criterion and hence practical understanding of the subject gets ignored somewhere down the line. Kids often misinterpret their high grades as a sign of greater knowledge than their peers. If you have managed to score well in your earlier classes by cramming up the important lessons then please avoid it in your board examinations. These exams are organized to test your true level of excellence and understanding, so by taking complete advantage of this opportunity clarify your elementary concepts, which will be beneficial in future years. The English alphabets learnt in nursery has made you reach to this level; similarly by getting fluent with the necessary concepts now, you'll be able to decipher any query in the examination even in its most twisted form. If you face difficulty in your lessons then consult your teachers or fellow classmates, group studies may also prove to be beneficial at times.

  #8: Perks always works

"Practice makes progress, not perfect"; this quote highlights the need for progressing and not just running after perfection in life. Most of the tasks initiated by us are left in the middle and not completed due to the lack of motivation or boredom. The right way to accomplish long term goals in life is by achieving lots of short term goals. Just like you move ahead taking one step at a time while climbing the ladder; similarly aim to finish few chapters at a time of a particular subject rather than the whole subject at once. An important trick to flourish is to reward or treat yourself whenever you accomplish a goal, try it as this seriously works. Just a small pat on your back or a chocolate can create wonders in boosting your morale. Praise yourself after completing the set targets and consequently you'll end up finishing your entire syllabus soon.

  #9: What's inside is reflected out

A healthy body means a healthy mind; even our Vedas have highlighted the importance of 'eating well, sleeping well and exercising'. Deep fried and junk food contains high calorie values and brings about fatigue and sluggishness the entire day, so avoid it as much as possible. Eat smart energy boosting diet along with minimum 6 - 8 hours of sound sleep; it will make you feel good all day, energetic and ready for studies.


Above all the points mentioned here, remember to stay positive and eliminate all the negative thoughts. It's your life so with discretion either choose to stay calm and ignore any distractions or personal worries for now, or keep fooling yourself as always. Be realistic and follow your dreams and the world will be in your hands. Remember to chant the mantra 'I CAN DO THIS' and yes you can!

God Speed :)

By Meenakshi Ahuja

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