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Apr 2019

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Career Options for Math Lovers

Career Options for Math Lovers : “Pure Mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.” – Albert Einstein   Do you get linear equations in your dreams? Do you keep applying trigonometry concepts to problems when you are awake? If you feel numbers dancing in your head, you should probably consider a career in Mathematics. Mathematics is a puzzle; pleasing and pleasurable. It has both a logical and a creative bent, making it a problem solvers delight! Mathematics concocts you for a diverse range of careers such as actuaries, mathematicians, economists, computer scientists, professors and much more. Advanced skills in mathematics learnt through Graduate Studies, Master's and PhDs are a necessity in many science related careers, particularly for computer science and engineering jobs. The world as we know it today, is data-driven; thereby renderingthose with excellent mathematical skills a highly desired resource and on reasonably sure trajectories to find a high-paying, high-growth jobs. Mathematics opens up many bright doors to promising career pathways. Some of these careers have been discussed below.  Actuary Actuaries analyse statistical data like mortality rates, injuries, birth rates, retirement rates, etc. to figure out the probability of their occurrences and the costs associated with each event. Actuaries have to deal with risks. The actuaries also have to create new policies for people and firms to minimise the risks associated and also the financial effects of these given scenarios. Qualification: A U.G. degree in mathematics, economics, statistics or actuarial science, or field related to business like finance. Salary bracket: INR 3 - 25 lakh       Cost Estimator A cost estimator is an asset to an organization. His job is to assess how much a planned future project or product, is likely to cost the firm and to draw up recommendations on future endeavours; predicting their profitability. The analysisof factors like raw material costs, labour, duration and location have to assessed independently, as well. Most importantly,they have to predict feasibility of project based on the extrapolation of available and predicted data. Qualification: Someone with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, stats or economics. Salary bracket: INR 2.7 - 6 lakh     Economist Economics is increasingly becoming a numerical science, given that the job of an Economist is to identify problems and solutions within the requisite distribution and production of goods and services such as land, labour and raw materials. They have to research, analyse and monitor prevailing economic conditions and predict likely economic conditions Qualification: Person possessing a master’s degree or a Ph. D. in economics is a necessity. Salary bracket: INR 3 - 13 lakh Engineers Engineers are creators of novel and better products and services, be it electronics, software or computer products. They have to be aware and upbeat about technological advancements taking place across the globe.  Qualification: A college degree in engineering with specialisation in any stream, along with courses in mathematics and physical and life sciences. Salary bracket: INR 2.5 - 15 lakh   Physicist Physicists work upon the natural world. They are to perform experiments to conduct research and then to develop various theories related to nature and its laws, energy, motion. Etc. Qualification:  A doctoral degree (Ph.D.) would suffice to be a physicist. Salary bracket: INR 2 - 10 lakh     Market Researcher To inspect the market conditions to analyse the potential sales of a product or service, is the major job of a market researcher. They conduct various polls and surveys to understand factors that will affect the sale of a particular product. This is a key job necessarily required prior to any new product launch. Qualification: A bachelor's degree would pretty much suffice for anyresearch job, but a master's degree is usually required for technical positions. Salary bracket: INR 1 - 8 lakh       Mathematician Mathematicians can be of two types: theoretical and applied ones. Theoretical ones develop new principals of Math and try finding new developments in the existing ones. Applied ones apply the concepts of Math to solve bigger problems in Economic, Scientific amd Engineering domains. Qualification: A Ph.D. in mathematics is the mandatory minimum educational requirement. Salary bracket: INR 3.6 - 8 lakh       Statistician Statisticians make use of statistical and mathematical theories to collect, decode and interpret numerical inputs and hence provide usable information. This can be used to learn how new products will be accepted or how safe they are even before they are sold. Qualification: A master's degree in statistics or mathematics is the basic necessity, but research and academic jobs generally accept only a Ph.D. Salary bracket: INR 2 - 10 lakh     Mathematics or Science Professor To teach secondary students or college students is what a professor can take up. Generally they teach various courses like engineering mathematics, calculus, random processes, etc. Qualification: Four-year colleges and universities only accept candidates with a doctoral degree or people pursuing one. Salary bracket: INR 1.8 - 8 lakh       Accountant An accountant generally prepares financial reports to help managers in business or executives working for the government. Qualification: Generally a graduation degree in business or a chartered accountant degree would be acceptable. Salary bracket: INR 1.8 - 5 lakh      11.  Astronomer They primarily use the principles of physics and math to understand the working of the universe and contribute towards research and breakthrough experiments. Qualification: Minimum a Ph.D. in the field of astronomy is necessary. Salary bracket: INR 5 - 10 lakh     Meteorologist These guys generally study the physical features and motions and behaviours of various processes of the earth and its atmosphere. Qualification:A B.Sc in meteorology or a bachelors in mathematics both are sufficient to get into meteorology.  Salary bracket: INR 3 - 8 lakh     So, if you adore mathematics and solving sums is your passion, you can make a career out of it. If numbers intrigue you the most and working with formulas and tables is exciting, then choose from the list of careers discussed. For some, Math might actually be a lot of fun. Formulas, equations, roots, thetas and calculators might be your friends. To all the “math geeks” out there, you can use those skills and just plain get paid well and still have the job satisfaction to do what you love the most- To do Math! Salary Source: Payscale and Glassdoor iDC is focused on helping students choose a career in which their potential is maximized. In case you have any career related query, please post it here: SUBMIT By Devika Arora ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Latest Articles: Importance of Co-curricular activities for students | The Conviction in Alernate Careers | 'Explore' Travel and Tourism as a Career | Changes in CAT pattern 2015 | Role of Parents in Career Selection | Study Abroad: Things to keep in mind     

Mumbai University and Its Popular Courses

Mumbai University and Its Popular Courses : ‘Yeh Hai Mumbai meri Jaan!’ The city known as the land of opportunity, where thousands of people turn up every day to find their livelihood. The city of dreams, the heart of Indian cinema, where you can find a struggling actor, a stock exchange broker, a film producer and a cine star, all together on a single elevator. But, Mumbai is much more than all these, the business capital of India has also become a huge education hub. Students from all around the country try to get admission in the University of Mumbai. Mumbai University offers a huge list of courses including technical and non-technical courses. The Mumbai University has an enormous history which encompasses more than one and half century. It was one of the first three state universities of India, established in the pre-independence India in 1857, modelled on some of the great universities of London of that time. Since then, the university has not only spectated, but also mediated huge technological, economic and social revolutions. Mumbai University has played an imperative role in the development of the country. It has created an extensive list of alumnus, who have left an eternal mark on all most every career possible under the sun.   Mumbai University has two campuses; the Kalina Campus is located in the suburban Mumbai in Satacruz area. This campus is spread over a sprawling 230 acres land. The other campus is known as the Fort Campus, it is spread over 13 acres land and is located in the M G Road. Fort campus was the first campus built in 1857. The Mumbai University also enjoys the feat of being one of the largest universities in the world regarding the number of students. In 2011, a whopping 549,432 students enrolled in the university. Mumbai University gives affiliation to 711 colleges. Another Factor, apart from the University’s infrastructure and faculty, which increases its desirability by many folds is the partnership with some renowned universities around the world. Mumbai University has partnered with University of Amsterdam, University of Bath, Liverpool Hope University, etc. The high desirability also leads to a high competition. Although, the cut-offs aren’t very high, there is still a lot of competition for the popular courses. In this article, we’ll look into some of the most popular courses in Mumbai University. Let us first look into the admission procedure of Mumbai University.   Mumbai University Admission Process:   The admission process for the colleges under Mumbai University varies from one course to another. There is no central admission procedure for most of the non-professional courses. For these courses, the admission is controlled by the respective colleges. Colleges can screen students based on merit or they can conduct entrance examinations. Generally the admission for courses like BCA, BSC, BMM, BMS, BBA, BA, etc. are conducted on the basis of 12th score. The cut off score for these courses generally range between 65%-80%. However, admission in the technical and medical courses are conducted through state and national entrance tests. There have been some drastic changes in the admission process for engineering and medical admissions for colleges in Maharashtra. Till few years back, the State used to conduct state level examinations for admissions in these courses. However, the state level medical entrance examination for Maharashtra was scrapped in 2013 and the admission was conducted on the basis of the basis of National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET) conducted jointly by the CBSE and Medical Council of India (MCI). Although, the admission process changed again in 2014 and NEET was scrapped. Now the admission is conducted by the MH CET (Medical) examination on a state level and there also some seats reserved to be filled through the national level examinations like AIPMT. The procedure for admission in the engineering colleges under Mumbai University has also changed. The state entrance examination has been scrapped and the admission is given solely through the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE), conducted jointly by CBSE and IIT. Now let us look at some of the top course:   4 Most Popular Courses of Mumbai University   BMM: Journalism is not only about showcasing the present, it’s also about shaping the future! Mumbai University is considered as one of the best university to pursue bachelor degree in Mass Media (BMM). The BMM program introduces you to different forms of media like, print, electronic, digital and cinema. As a student you'll learn about production techniques, recent technological change and upgrades in media industry, role and responsibilities of media, impact of media in society. You'll also have to learn about political science, sociology, economics and ethics. BMM graduates have a wide array of career opportunities. Some popular careers after BMM include news reporting, broadcasting, editing etc. Common subjects in BMM include, mass media methodology, ethics of media, mass media distribution, audio and video production, broadcasting and global media. Mumbai University has some of the top colleges for BMM in the country like St. Xavier’s College, R. D. National College, Wilson College, Sophia College, K.C. College, K. J. Somaiya College of Arts And Commerce, Mithibai College, etc. Admission in BMM course in these colleges is conducted on a merit basis, based on the class 12 score. St. Xavier’s is the only exception, as it conducts an entrance examination for admission in BMM.   BE or B Tech: Engineering is not just a course, it’s a life style. The 4 years college life of an average engineering student in Mumbai is a conglomeration of intense hard work, never ending assignments, rock shows, parties, event management and hangout.Engineering is the most desired course offered by the Mumbai University. There are more than 80 engineering colleges falling under the University. Mumbai University has many leading engineering colleges under its ambit. Some of the renowned engineering colleges include Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (VJTI), Thadomal Shahani Engineering College, Institute of Chemical Technology, Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering and Sardar Patel College of Engineering. As mentioned above, the admission in these college is done on the basis of the National level entrance test, JEE. The diaspora of the alumnus of Mumbai University engineering colleges is so wide that they can be found in the administrative chairs of almost all big institutions in and around the country.   MBBS and BDS: Considered as the most noble profession, a doctor is respected everywhere in the world. This profession gives you the chance to save lives, preserve health and alleviate pain of others. Mumbai University has some of the best medical colleges in the country. The competition to get into a medical college is very steep and unless you are Munna Bhai, it takes a lot of hard work to secure a seat. The admissions are conducted through a state level entrance examination MH CET (medical) and the national level examination AIPMT. Some of the renowned medical colleges offering the MBBS and BDS courses under Mumbai University are Grant Medical College, Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College, King Edward Memorial Hospital, Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College, and Topiwala National Medical College (TNMC).   Bachelors in Fine Arts(BFA): Bachelors in Fine Arts is a course for the students who like to think out of the box and walk the untrodden roads. A fine arts student of Mumbai University stands out of the crowd and can be spotted all around Mumbai doing lots of exciting things. This course gives you the opportunity to turn your hobby in your profession. There are various subjects in a fine arts course, which include sculpture, painting, sketching, photography, etc. In today’s digital world, fine arts have gained a huge importance and fine arts students have started working in the advanced fields of animation and graphic designing. Mumbai University has the country’s second best fine arts college, Sir Jamsetjee Jeejebhoy School of Art, also known as the JJ School of Arts. The college conducts a separate entrance test for admission. The less number of seats and high number of applications makes it one of the popular courses in Mumbai University.   Other than the above mentioned courses, some other popular courses in the University include Commerce, Bachelors in Mass Media, Business Management Studies and Bachelor of Arts. There are many factors that makes Mumbai University one of the most ideal place to study. Mumbai University being located in the country’s biggest megalopolis, the business capital, the hub for all big corporate banks in the world, abode of the world’s biggest film industry, it ensures the biggest exposure and hands on experience to its students. If you are studying in Mumbai University and you want to get some practical knowledge, all you need to do is walk out of your class room. iDC is focused on helping students choose a career in which their potential is maximized. In case you are confused about Mumbai University and its popular courses, please post your queries here: SUBMIT ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  

Most Popular Courses of Delhi University

Most Popular Courses of Delhi University : Missed a century in your 12th exam by only one mark? This one mark can keep you waiting in the line for Delhi University admissions. Delhi University is famous for its gargantuan campus, beautiful historical buildings, hugely popular courses, massive placements and sky high cut-offs. Every year, around 2.5 lakh students apply for admission in Delhi University. Many students out of these are city and state topper, who have almost touched the cent-percent mark in their 12th score and have missed by just a mark or two. Most of the times, even these extraordinary students have to wait for the second rounds, as they get rejected in the first round from certain colleges for some courses. Although, Delhi University offers a lot of courses, there are some courses that are very popular among students. This popularity leads to high competition and ultimately to a high cut-off. If you are planning to pursue a graduation from Delhi University, you must look into the courses that are most popular in the university. In this article, we’ll discuss the 5 most popular courses in Delhi University and the best DU colleges offering these Courses.   5 Most Popular Courses in Delhi University B. Com (Hons) This is a course for all the math geeks who find fun in crunching numbers. This course has given several economists and leading bankers to the country. A student of B.Com has to gather expertise in the following areas: Finance Accounting, Business Statistics, Micro Economics, Business Law, Corporate Accounting, Corporate Tax etc. The top Delhi University colleges have renowned faculty members with great expertise in the field. The colleges also bring in visiting faculties from around the world to share their knowledge with the students. After graduation, the student can opt for any private or government institution as an expert in any of the above mentioned streams of commerce. They can also work as accounts or management executives. Many B.Com graduates opt for pursuing a career in auditing or banking. Commonly chosen academic path after B.com is M.Com or MBA. Best DU colleges for B.Com: SRCC, LSR, Hindu, Hansraj, Kirori Mal College, Venkateswara College and Indraprastha College   Economics Hons Another field for number lovers: economics is the playground for the students who love to analyse data and understand the pattern hidden in them. Economists have a great contribution towards development of an organization or the complete nation. A graduation students of Economics has to deal with several subjects like Mathematics, statistics, Micro-Macro Economics, economic policy, etc. There are many career avenues open for economics graduates like government enterprises, private firms, public undertakings, finance sector, banking firms and business journals are constantly looking for economics experts. With the advancement of global economics, the horizons for economics graduates have widened by many folds. The most popular academic choices of economics graduates are Masters in Economics or MBA Finance. Best DU Colleges for Economics: Shri Ram College of Commerce, Hindu, Hansraj, St. Stephens, LSR, JMC, KMC, Miranda Houseand Shaheed Bhagat Singh College   English Literature: Atticus Finch, Charles Darnay, Michael Corleone and Portia; If you know who they are and if you can describe them almost as if you have met them, you are perfectly suited for the English Literature course. It is not just a course, it is a journey though the life and times of many eras. A literature student has to study a wide range of literature like Poems and Novels of all times. A student of literature has to understand the implied meaning of the literature, as well as find the literary devices used by the writers. A knack of reading and writing skill are instrumental for success in the field. This course has a great influence on the student’s personality and attitude. Common career avenues for literature graduates include teaching, writing, journalism, publishing, research and translation. A selected few get the chance to write scripts or books and many others join the noble profession o teaching and write the future of the nation. There is also an overwhelming demand for literature graduates in digital marketing fields. The popular academic choice of literature graduates is Masters in Literature. Top Colleges For Literature in DU: Jesus & Mary College, LSR, Hindu, St. Stephens, Gargi College, Hans Raj College, Hindu College, Maharaja Agrasen College, Maitreyi College, Miranda House and Sri Venkateswara College   Botany: With the decadent growth of pollution and global warming, it has become instrumental to protect greenery and heal the ecosystem. Botany has played an important role in this mission. This field is best for those students who abide in the ‘go green’ slogan and believe that trees can be our best soldiers in the fight against global warming. During the three years course of botany, a student has to go through a combination of practical and theory classes. He/she study molecular biology, biophysics, taxonomy, ecology and physiology. A graduation in botany opens several avenues for the students. Those who want to work outdoors can choose career options like ecologist, conservationists, taxonomist, conservationists, etc. If the student has a knack for mathematics, he/she can pursue fields like biophysics, genetics, system ecology or developmental botany. Similarly, when combined with chemistry, one can opt for fields like biochemistry, molecular biology or plant physiology. Biotechnology is another rising field for botany graduates. Other career options for botany graduates include botanical survey, eco-botany, farm management or floriculture/ horticulture. Common academic choice after graduation in botany include M.Sc Botany or M.Tech/ M.ScEnvironmental Sciences. Best Delhi University Colleges for Botany: Acharya Narendra Dev College, Daulat Ram College, Deshbandhu College, Dyal Singh College, Gargi College, Hans Raj College, Hindu College Kirori Mal College, Maitreyi College, Miranda House College, Ramjas College, Sri Venkateswara College   Political Science (Hons) Do you spend most of the times discussing the national policies and policy makers. Do you know the difference between “Communism” and “Communalism”? If your answer is yes then you can be well suited for this course. The political science is mostly a theory course that introduces you to the political setup of various countries in the world. As a student of Political science, you have study subjects like Schools of political thought, classical political philosophy, international relations, diplomacy, etc. Although, a major part of this course deals with the Indian political thought, the student has to also gather knowledge about the western political thought. Deep understanding of policy making can be very useful in this career. Although, there are not many direct career options for political science graduates, some common career options for the political scientists include political advisor, NGO, Civil Service, etc. Some other fields are teaching, journalism and social research. Preferred academic choice after graduation in political science is Masters in Political Science or International Relations. Top Colleges for Political Science in Delhi University: LSR, Hindu, Hans Raj, Daulat Ram College, Jesus & Mary College, Kalindi College, Kamla Nehru College, Kirori Mal College and Sri Venkateswara College   Now that you know the five most popular courses in Delhi University, don’t leave any stones unturned in the pursuit of your dreams. Delhi University can give you a great platform to learn and grow towards your dreams.   iDC is focused on helping students choose a career in which their potential is maximized. In case you are confused about the popular courses of Delhi University, please post your queries here: SUBMIT

The Fountainhead Essay Contest 2015

The Fountainhead Essay Contest 2015 : Introduction The Fountainhead Essay Competition is one of the three competitions conducted by Ayn Rand education. Ayn Rand was a Russian-American Novelist and a Philosopher, born in St. Petersburg, Russia on 2nd February 1905. The Fountainhead is a novel written in 1943 by Ayn Rand. It was an early literary success for her. Over 6.5 million copies of the book have been sold worldwide. It is the story of Howard Roark, is a young architect who acts on principal and works in obscurity rather than changing his artistic and personal vision. His fight is to practice modern architecture as opposed to more traditional work.   Entry Deadline: 26th April, 2015   Eligibility Students in Class 11th and 12th Region: Global The work should be original and there should be no plagiarism. Please Note: Any Employees, Board of Directors, and/or any of their immediate family members of the Ayn Rand Institute are not eligible. Any previous First-place winners are also not eligible for this contest.       Fountainhead Awards 2015 FIRST PRIZE: $10,000 5 SECOND PRIZES: $2,000 10 THIRD PRIZES: $1,000 45 FINALISTS: $100 175 SEMIFINALISTS: $50 *Award prize money is in US Dollars   How to Apply No application is required. Students are supposed to pick one of these three topics and write a 800-1600 words essay on it: At the end of Part II, Ellsworth Toohey confronts Howard Roark and says, "Mr. Roark, we're alone here. Why don't you tell me what you think of me?" To which Roark replies, "But I don't think of you." Explain how this brief exchange relates to the novel's theme. Gail Wynand is a brilliant individual who rose out of the slums by means of his own talent and effort. But despite his reverence for man's noblest achievements, his newspaper, The Banner, presents the most lurid and loathsome values. Why does Wynand pander in this manner? In dynamiting Cortlandt Homes, Howard Roark breaks the law. What is his moral and philosophical argument for the rectitude of his action? Essays will be judged on both style and content. Judges will look for writing that is clear, articulate and logically organized. Winning essays must demonstrate an outstanding grasp of the philosophic meaning of The Fountainhead. Candidates can submit their essay online. Click here to submit.  OR You can send your entries to: The Fountainhead Essay Contest The Ayn Rand Institute, P.O. Box 57044 Irvine, CA 92619-7044   Please Note: All entries sent via post, should include the following information written on a stapled cover sheet in order to avoid disqualification: Your name and address Your e-mail address(if available) The name and address of your school Topic selected (#1, 2 or 3 from list above) Your current grade level (Optional) the name of the teacher who assigned the essay, if you are completing it for classroom credit.   Selection Process Essays will be judged on both style and content. Judges will look for writing that is clear, articulate and logically organized. The winning essays must demonstrate an outstanding grasp of the philosophical meaning of The Fountainhead. Essay submissions are evaluated in a fair and unbiased four-round judging process.   For more information contact: Phone: 949-222-6550 (ext. 259) E-mail: essays@aynrand.org     iDC is focused on helping students choose a career in which their potential is maximized. In case you have any career related query, please post it here: SUBMIT   

The IET India Scholarship Award 2015

The IET India Scholarship Award 2015 :     Introduction   Engineers are the foundation for the next phase of India's growth. With India being home for millions of engineers, it is vital to support and encourage them to excel and create a positive impact on society. With the IET Scholarship Award, we, the IET, aim to provide a platform to young engineering marvels to showcase their abilities and spur innovation. We are very delighted to see the increasing response from engineering community for such an initiative especially women engineers, said Shekhar Sanyal, Director and Country Head, IET India.   The IET Scholarship programme (India) has been designed to reward and celebrate individual excellence and innovation among undergraduate engineering students. IET India instituted the annual IET Scholarship Awards in 2013 to underscore the organisation's commitment towards India's engineering community and to incentivise young people entering the engineering and technology profession.   The IET India Scholarship will be given on merit-based selection criteria and the winners are selected at Regional & national Level. The 2013 and 2014 editions of the India Scholarship Award received tremendous response from the engineering community with over 9000 entries from students across India for the both the years.   Eligibility The IET India Scholarship Award is open to students of 2nd and 3rd year B.Tech programmes. The Scholarship is also open for Lateral entry students who join B.Tech programme in their 2nd year.   All regular credit courses must have been cleared in a single attempt by the applicant. Under Graduate marks should be at least 60% in aggregate for the semesters cleared so far or corresponding to CGPA of at least 6.5 on a 10 point scale. Higher Secondary (or equivalent) marks should be above 60% or of equivalent grade. There is no age limit for the applicant. Application is open for all IET members, non-members, and for all branches of engineering as recognised by the AICTE/UGC. Students from AICTE/UGC approved Institutions are eligible to apply for the scholarship. There will be two separate categories for the Scholarships: General Category Women Category - Any female engineering student can apply for both the categories, but if selected in both the categories, she will receive award in only one category as decided by the IET Jury Panel.   Rewards The total scholarship amount that may be awarded to winners across the regional and national level is INR 800,000.   General Category: Two winners per Region (total five regions) Two winners at the National level   Women Engineer: Two winners per Region (total five regions) Two winners at the National level   Reward at Regional Level (For both categories) First: INR 40, 000/- + Certificate Second: INR 20, 000/- + Certificate   Reward at National Level (For both categories) First: INR 100, 000/- + Certificate Second: INR 75,000/- + Certificate   Please Note: The winners of IET India Scholarship programme are selected both at Regional and National Level. If a student wins the scholarship both in Regional and National level he/she will be awarded Certificate for both the levels and the prize money for national level only. The number of regions may increase or decrease depending on the number of eligible candidates for the regional rounds.   How to Apply You can register online for the Scholarship by clicking here   Applications will be considered for the IET India Scholarship Award only if attested copies (attested by Head of the Department/Principal/Dean/Director/Registrar of the Candidate's institution) of required documents are scanned and uploaded.   Documents to be submitted are: Class 10th mark sheet (Mandatory) Class 12th mark sheet (Mandatory) Engineering mark sheet (For all semesters, completed until now) CV (Optional) Certificate of any National/State Level competition that was won (Optional) Certificate of any Indoor/Outdoor sport competition that was won (Optional)   How to Successfully Scan and Upload the Documents Scan the documents (at 75 or 100 dpi; either in JPG or PDF format). Zip/Compress the scanned copies and name the zip file with your name. Only files with (.zip) extension can be uploaded. Ensure that size of the zip file does not exceed 5 MB.   Note: After registration, the candidate will receive an e-mail to activate their account and will also get the User name. After activation of the account, the candidate needs to login using their user name and password. Application & Selection Process Online Application: Please refer above 'How to Apply' Online Test: Shortlisted candidates will be called for an online test. The online test is to assess the applicant's knowledge in engineering subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Electrical, Electronics, Civil, Mechanical, and Computer Science Regional Level Assessment: The contestant will be required to give a presentation on the topic focused on solving a current societal challenge in that region. The National Final: The National Final will be held tentatively in August or September 2015. Shortlisted candidates will make a presentation on their vision and solution for an engineering problem that is relevant to the society. Contact Details Institution of Engineering and Technology Unit no 405 & 406, 4th Floor, West Wing, Raheja Towers M G Road, Bangalore - 560001 Phone: (080) 4089 2222 Website: scholarships.theiet.in       iDC is focused on helping students choose a career in which their potential is maximized. In case you have any career related query, please post it here: SUBMIT

Nationwide Education and Scholarship Test (NEST) 2015

Nationwide Education and Scholarship Test (NEST) 2015 :   Introduction The 14th Nationwide Education and Scholarship Test (commonly known as NEST Scholarship) Junior 2015 is inviting applications. Only bona fide students of India who are currently studying in Grade 10th, 11th or 12th of science stream are eligible to apply. NEST is especially designed according to students' choice, skills and interests as is essential at this stage of their education. The topper of NEST Junior 2015 will get Rs. 50,000 as scholarship and also 20 scholarships of Rs. 25,000 each will be distributed to the candidates on merit basis. The scholarships are awarded on merit in an online test. Winners will be informed individually as soon as the final list is ready.   Important Dates at a Glance Last date to submit Application form: 31st March 2015 Nationwide Education and Scholarship Test (N.E.S.T) 2015: 26th July 2015 (Sunday) Results: 5th September 2015   Eligibility Region Applicable: All India Grade: 10th, 12th (Science Stream) Only bona fide students of India appearing/passing in class 10 - 12 exam 2015 of the science stream can apply for NEST Junior Scholarship 2015 Anyone who has won the top prize in previous editions is Not Eligible to appear again in the same category.   NEST Junior 2015 Reward The National topper will receive a sum of INR 50,000.00 Other Prizes: There will be around 20 scholarships of INR 25,000.00 each Certificates: Certificate of appreciation are awarded to the students who score an aggregate of 40% and above in all the four sections of the Scholarship Exam put together.   How to Apply: Students can apply for NEST Junior 2015 either in online mode or offline mode.   Offline Registration Step 1: Download the NEST Junior 2015 Application Form: Click here Step 2: Fill up the Application Form: Candidates have to fill the Application Form correctly and completely. There are 2 groups of subjects: 1) Physics, Chemistry & Biology (PCB) and 2) Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics (PCM). The candidate must tick-mark any ONE of them. Thereafter, they are required to paste a passport size photo on the application form. Step 3: Submit the Application Form: Candidates have to send the duly filled in Application Form to the address mentioned below by Registered Post/Courier attached with a DD of Rs. 500.00 in favour of SEMCI INDIA payable at Mumbai Address: SEMCI INDIA B-1 Piccadily Flats' 57-J, Clare Road, Byculla, Mumbai - 400 008     Online Registration Click here to apply online for NEST Junior Scholarship 2015 The student has to upload a passport size photo (The photo should be max. 100 kb in JPG, JPEG, GIF or TIF format). Please keep in mind to have the scanned copy of the photograph ready before you start with your application process. Students applying online can make payment either via DD or Online Payment.   Registration Fees INR 500.00 to be paid till March 31st , 2015 Late fee of INR 100.00: If paid after March 31st up till May 31st , 2015 Late fee of INR 200.00: If paid after May 31st, 2015 up till June 30th, 2015. Fees once deposited will NOT be refunded even if the test is cancelled for any genuine reasons.   NEST Junior 2015 Test Centres Agra, Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Aurangabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Bhubaneshwar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Coimbatore, Cuttack, Dehradun, Delhi & NCR*, Dhanbad, Durgapur, Ernakulam (Cochin), Goa, Guwahati, Gwalior, Hubli, Hyderabad, Indore, Itanagar, Jabalpur, Jaipur, Jammu, Kolkata, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Madurai, Meerut, Mumbai & Suburbs, Nagpur, Nashik, Patna, Pune, Ranchi, Rohtak, Shimla, Trichy, Trivandrum, Vadodara, Vijaywada, Vishakhapatnam. *DELHI & NCR includes Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, and Noida.   Syllabus & Test Pattern The content and level of questions are based on SSC and HSC books prescribed by the CBSE, ICSE and other State boards in India.  The test comprises of four sections as given below: i. Physics & Chemistry : 50 Questions; 50 Marks ii. Maths / Biology : 50 Questions; 50 Marks iii.English Language: 50 Questions; 50 Marks iv. Logic & G.K: 50 Questions; 50 Marks Duration of Exam: 2 Hours Total Questions: 200 Total Marks: 200   Contact Details of NEST Junior Scholarship 2015 Phone: 022-6529-2506 / 6529 2507 Mobile: 08976084445 E-Mail: info@nest.net.in Website:www.nest.net.in     iDC is focused on helping students choose a career in which their potential is maximized. In case you have any career related query, please post it here: SUBMIT

GIIS Global Citizen Scholarship

GIIS Global Citizen Scholarship : Introduction  GIIS Global Citizen Scholarship is sponsored by the Global Schools Foundation (GSF), a Singapore based organization for studying at the Flagship Campus at Queenstown of the Global Indian International School (GIIS) at Singapore. GIIS Global Citizen Scholarship program was established in 2008 to offer the best academic and career prospects to meritorious students from around the world. The two year Scholarship will be awarded to outstanding students attending senior secondary level (Classes 11 and 12) for either CBSE or IB Diploma program. The two year scholarship programme provides Singapore Dollars 90,000 (INR 40,77,560) per student, which includes tuition fee, boarding, lodging and travel expenses. It also includes a one-time return airfare and visa fee, one-time settling allowance and monthly allowance for daily expenses. No Bond is attached to the GIIS Scholarship. Last Date to Apply: 19th March 2015     Eligibility Criteria CBSE: Class 9 (Final results) and Class 10 (Pre Board results) - A1 Grades in all subjects ICSE: Class 9 (90 % in Final results) and Class 10 (85% Aggregate in Pre Board) IGCSE: Class 9 (Final results) and Class 10 (Pre Board results) - A Grades and above in all subjects with extended curriculum State Board: Class 9 (90% in Final results) and Class 10 (85% Aggregate in Pre Board results) Education should be from an English medium school.     Selection Procedure Shortlisted candidates will be invited for a written test around end of March 2015. The test includes the following subjects: General Ability, Logical Reasoning, Mathematics, and English Interview - Candidates who successfully clear the written test would be called for interviews in end of May/early June 2015     Test Centres Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Noida, Surat, Ahmedabad, Pune, Kolkata     How to Apply  To download the application form Click here   Post the Application Form along with the following documents: Class 10 Pre-Board exam mark sheet Class 9 final exams mark sheet Two (2) passport-size photographs Extra-curricular achievements; and Curriculum Vitae / Profile   All documents have to be posted on the following address: Programme Manager GIIS Global Citizen Scholarship, Global Indian International School, Plot No. D-5, Sector-71, Noida 201301 Uttar Pradesh, India   For further information, you can call (+91) 85273 11110 or (+91) 85275 11110 iDC is focused on helping students choose a career in which their potential is maximized. In case you have any career related query, please post it here: SUBMIT