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Apr 2019

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10 New Age Careers in Technology

10 New Age Careers in Technology : 10 New Age Careers in Technology With speeding technology it is becoming the need of the hour to keep yourself updated with the changes in technology and how it is also creating a platform for new jobs and opportunities. A lot of things have come up to increase the interaction with people which has made communication much easier. The impact of new emerging technology is that now a great part of it is being used in real life With so much happening around in the tech world, careers in computer science have also evolved over a period of time. New opportunities employing new technology are generating new career options for tech based individuals. Below are the details of the most sought after career options in computer science industry. Cloud Computing Description Cloud computing is an IT based model that allows access to shared collection of configurable system resources and higher level services that can be readily supplied over the internet with less management efforts. Application of Cloud Computing For example, By using cloud computing services, Netflix, one of the top media service providers, has been able to cater to its on- demand streaming services. Cloud computing services allowed the company to expand its customer base without having to invest in costly servers and maintenance cost. Let us see how Netflix has managed to handle such a large data base. Netflix in the initial years of their launch as a company used to provide DVD’s to customers via email. As they grew a larger customer membership over time, demand for more DVD’s amplified. The company then decided to sellits 100millionth DVD and chose to reinvent their entire business. With a lot of customers and database to store, Netflix partnered with Amazon and instead of investing huge sums of money in servers and storage machines, they used Amazon’s infrastructure. At that time, transmitting massive data over the internet was not easy and the servers needed locations near the areas where customers used the services. Soon Netflix started working towards becoming a software technology for cloud computing and most of their things ran on Amazon Web Service (AWS), which was principally a server infrastructure. AWS then needed to create a software technology so that their applications worked well in the cloud environment. And that’s how Netflix manages its large customer base with the help of AWS. Education Qualification Minimum Educational Qualification required for this career is B.Tech in Computer Science and additional certification courses. Some certification courses are as follows: Name of certification Mode Website AWS- Amazon Web Services Online Link- here MCSE- Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert Online Link- here RHCA- Red Hat Certified Architect: Cloud Online Link- here Oracle Cloud Certificate Online Link- here Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect Online Link- here IBM Certified Cloud Solution Architect Online Link- here Big Data Description Big Data Engineers develop, maintain, organise and evaluate big data. These are so complex and large that traditional methods of handling data cannot be applicable. So the challenges involve huge data storing, analysis, searching and transferring. Application of Big Data Big Data is enormously used to understand customer performance and preference. For example, Amazon.com has become the largest online retail store in the ecommerce market. It started off as an online bookstore and later expanded into sales and production of consumer goods, electronics and house hold items. Amazon uses product recommenders to personalize customer experience in which the products are customised to suit their taste and interest. And since Amazon uses larger data and customer base, Big Data comes into play. Amazon makes use of clustering algorithms and collaborative filtering to group customers based on preferences. Their product recommender system group’s customers into groups based on similar search and item to item collaborative filtering. So basically when we open amazon’s app and are confused as to how an app was able to predict a product of our interest, that’s where Big Data was able to assist the servers in proving information of the data based on our previous searches and activities in the app. Education Qualification Minimum educational Qualification for Big Data engineer is to have sufficient experience in software engineering along with object-oriented designs, coding and testing. Certifications in various languages may be added as additional qualification.  Some certification courses are as follows: Name of certification Mode Website IBM Certified Data Engineer - Big Data Online Link- here Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE): Data Management and Analytics Online Link- here Big Data Hadoop Certification Offline Link- here Bits PilaniPost Graduate Programme in Big Data Engineering Offline Link- here Data Science   Description Data Science is an integrated field that uses scientific methods, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from data in various organized and unorganized forms. So basically a Data Scientist is responsible for evaluating and analysing large amounts of data to identify ways of improvising business systems and operations. Application of Data Science Data Science is a subcategory in Big Data engineering and often the job includes Cleaning and validating the data to ensure accuracy, completeness, and uniformity, Devising and applying models and algorithms to mine the stores of big data, and also analyzing the data to identify patterns and trends, Interpreting the data to discover solutions and opportunities. Education Qualification Minimum Educational qualification for Data Science is having a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a software engineering background.  Some certification courses are as follows: Name of certification Mode Website Microsoft Professional Program for Data Science Online Link- here Data Science Specialization Online Link- here Data Science Essentials Online Link- here Machine Learning Description Machine Learning is a subdivision of Artificial Intelligence that uses statistical techniques to give computers the ability to ‘learn’ without being programmed. A machine learning scientist will be responsible for writing ML algorithms for machines to be able to understand and interpret systems. Application of Machine learning Machine learning is the latest example of digital transformation, making digital world even more convenient and reliable. For instance, Voice recognition systems such as Siri or Cortana explicitly use machine learning technologies to respond to human interaction. As they are gaining accuracy overtime, these voice recognition devices are being ususesed daily by hundreds of users. Recommendations on ecommerce are also gaining popularity. For example if person A is looking for a particular smartphone on the ecommerce site, then the computer is smart enough to understand that it has to recommend a certain type of product. So without using any software for this feature, the computer is actually learning activities and creating recommendations on the basis of what the person A was looking for. Education Qualification Formal education qualifications for Machine Learning Scientist are a B.Tech degree in computer science followed by Master’s degree and PhD. Some certification courses are as follows: There are a number of online courses that will teach the basics of Machine Learning. The list of courses are as follows: Name of course/ certification Mode Website Natural Language Processing (NLP) Online Link- here Principles of Machine Learning Online Link- here Computer Vision and Image Analysis Online Link-here AR and VR- Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Description AR is an experience of a real world setting or environment whose fundamentals are augmented by computer generated information. It alters ones ongoing perception of a real world environment, supplementing the real world with the virtual objects. Application of AR and VR- Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality AR developers are responsible for implementation of the plan which may include coding, enhancing UI and UX end for the user and AR assets designing etc. The most popular game Pokémon Go is a great example to understand Augmented Reality. The game allows users to catch virtual Pokémon’s that are hidden throughout the map of the real world locations. It uses real locations to encourage players to walk in the real world to discover Pokémon. The game enables the players to search and catch species of Pokémon on the go. Also apps like Augment enable its users to see their products in 3D in a real world environment, making the users choose or select options by virtually imagining them placed at their home. Virtual Reality- The whole idea of Virtual reality is to create sense that creates the surroundings as real as the virtual world. This environment can be similar to the real world or it can be imaginary, creating an experience that is not possible in ordinary physical reality. Present VR technology uses VR headsets, sometimes in arrangement with physical environments, to create realistic images, sounds and other ambiances that simulate a user's physical presence in a virtual world. A person using virtual reality equipment is able to "look around" the artificial world, move around in it, and interact with virtual features or items. Education Qualification Minimum educational qualification required to get into field is a degree in computer science along with expertise in many different gaming languages like Unity, which uses C# as its primary programming language and Unreal Engine, which uses C++ and a node-based language called Blueprints Visual Scripting.  Some certification courses are as follows: Name of course/ certification Mode Website Virtual Reality (VR) App Development Online Link-here Introduction to VR with Unity Online Link-here Augmented Reality Portal- Apple ARKit framework Online Link-here Cryptocurrency / Block chain Description Block chain is a public record of bunch of transactions called blocks that are linked and secured using cryptocurrency. The distributed records are decentralized and hence are not controlled or monitored by any single individual or firm. Application of Cryptocurrency / Block chain- Since block chain is still in its developing stages in other sectors like healthcare and security, use of it can reduce a lot of work and cost expenses. For example the blockchain can be used to create a type of universal record with a timestamp, a library that enables data recoveryacross miscellaneous databases. This will become extremely valuable as precision medicine and the explosion of sensors, wearables and mHealth apps proceeds. Block chain technology is going to be a big part of our lives in coming future and thus the need for block chain experts is on the rise. Education Qualification Minimum qualification to become a block chain developer is to have basics in the field of software engineering with additional knowledge in data structures including Stack, Queues, Linked List, and HederaHashMapsand other certification courses. Some certification courses are as follows: Name of course/ certification Mode Website Blockchain Certification Training Course Online Link-here IBM Blockchain foundation developer Online Link-here Block chain essentials- IBM Online Link-here Specialization in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Online Link-here Artificial Intelligence Description Artificial Intelligence or the machine intelligence is the intelligence demonstrated by the machines which is in contrast to the natural intelligence exhibited by humans. In other words, it is the ability of machines to learn, process and predict actions and that maximizes the chances of successful completion of tasks. Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been constantly developing and with such a fast pace we are in fact using half of the electronics and other devices run on artificial intelligence. Google Maps is one of the most popular example for artificial intelligence. Using anonymized location data from smartphones, Google Maps can analyse the speed of traffic movement at any given time. And with more innovation in AI, Maps are more easily incorporating user-reported traffic incidents like construction and accidents. Access to vast amounts of data being fed to its proprietary algorithms has led to Maps reducing travel time by suggesting the fastest routes possible. Machine learning, natural language processing, deep learning and neutral learning are all the subsets of Artificial Intelligence and therefore an AI engineer would be working on one of the different subsets of AI. It is basically a combination of human computer interaction along with visual processing and machine learning and many more. Education Qualification To build a computer science career in Artificial Intelligence, the prerequisites are similar to Machine Learning, i.e. B.Tech in computer science and a master’s degree followed by PhD. Some certification courses are as follows: Certification courses available in these fields are as follows: Name of course/ certification Mode Website Microsoft Professional Program in Artificial Intelligence Online Link-here Intro to Artificial Intelligence Online Link-here AI- Developer course Online Link-here Ethical Hacking Description The only difference between an ethical hacker and a malicious hacker is that ethical hacker uses his skills for the security of data and servers from other hackers. Ethical hacker uses his professional skills in a legitimate and lawful manner and is the ultimate security professional. Application of Ethical Hacking The job of an ethical hacker is to detect flaws like vulnerable hardware, software, and procedural security. Without this the security maybe bypassed and made more vulnerable to hackers who can misuse the information or even extort money by blocking all the user data and information.Ethical hacking is a very useful approach in defending company’svaluable online systems. By tapping into the abilities and potential of white hat hackers, companies are able to take on and prevent damages caused by the real hackers. Education Qualification Since no one can afford to risk their data in an increasingly digitalised market, thus demand for ethical hackers is growing day by day. A career in Ethical Hacking requires in depth knowledge and understanding of how a software really works. Therefore a degree in software engineering or equivalent is a must. Certifications that are focused around data vulnerability, coding and others are required for additional qualifications. Some certification courses are as follows: Name of course/ certification Mode Website Real-World Ethical Hacking- certificate course Online Link-here Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) v9 Online Link- here CEH (v10) - Certified Ethical Hacker Training Course Online Link-here Internet Of Things or IoT Description Internet of things is the interconnection of devices, home appliances, security cameras etc. where all devices become smart and interconnected to everything around us. Internet of things is expected to create opportunities for more direct integration of the physical world into computer-based systems which can result in improvements in efficiency, economic benefits, and reduce human efforts. Application of Internet of things We are all set to enter an age where more advanced connectivity options amongst networks, systems, devices are going to change the way we live which will go beyond the human to machine communications. Internet of things has already begun changing the world by providing excess of options to operate and live life full of ease. One such great development is Home Automation. A home automation system will control lighting, temperature, entertainment systems, and appliances also includes home security such as access control and alarm system. When connected with the Internet, home devices are an important constituent of the Internet of Things. One of the many benefits that IoT provides is the ability to control room temperature just before reaching home. The systems works in such a way that the device can be controlled by connecting your smartphone with the devices. This gives free access to monitor and control the devices. These have been seen as energy conservers as they automatically turn off when no one is in the room. Education Qualification The basic aspects of becoming an Internet of Things engineer is a computer science degree followed by an indepth knowledge about hardware’s and software’s as the job includes part hardware and part software qualities. Understanding of microcontrollers (Arduino, Raspberry Pi etc) along with Programming languages like C++, C, Python, Node JS and others are a must. Some certification courses are as follows: Certifications required for additional qualification are as follows: Name of course/ certification Mode Website Bits Pilani Post Graduate Programme in Internet Of Things Offline Link-here Internet of Things – Advance level Online Link-here GSTF Training & Certification Program Online Link-here Growth Hacker Description A growth hacker focuses on low cost alternatives in marketing, advertising and promoting content using digital media. They use non-conventional techniques to help start-up and small businesses.Growth Hacking is a process of identifying the most efficient ways to grow business with the help of marketers, developers, engineers, and product managers. Application of Growth hacking Growth hacking can be done on various platforms like social media; twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn; Hubspot, buffer, inbound.org and various other. Growth hackers is one of the most sought after jobs in the start-up world. A growth hacker must have an understanding of product marketing, social media, analytics, SEO, Strong analytical skills and must be highly focussed on data driven experimentation. For example, a start-up can improve its rank in google search by using SEO and other marketing strategies which all come under Growth Hacking. Education Qualification There is no formal education to become a growth hacker. Although a marketing background is preferred for this career. So even a non-computer science engineer can also take up growth hacking as a career choice. Some programming skills can in improve business development strategy. There are many certificate courses that can add value to a career in growth hacking: Some certification courses are as follows: Name of course/ certification Mode Website The Complete Digital Marketing Course Online Link-here Growth Hacking- Free course Online Link-here Growth Hacking with Digital Marketing Online Link-here -------------------------------------------- The article is written by iDreamCareer.com and we give credits to Mr. Gaurav Gupta, founder of SquareBoat who took the webinar on this topic based on which this entire article was written.