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Aug 2015

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“Pure Mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.” – Albert Einstein



Do you get linear equations in your dreams? Do you keep applying trigonometry concepts to problems when you are awake? If you feel numbers dancing in your head, you should probably consider a career in Mathematics. Mathematics is a puzzle; pleasing and pleasurable. It has both a logical and a creative bent, making it a problem solvers delight!

Mathematics concocts you for a diverse range of careers such as actuaries, mathematicians, economists, computer scientists, professors and much more. Advanced skills in mathematics learnt through Graduate Studies, Master's and PhDs are a necessity in many science related careers, particularly for computer science and engineering jobs. The world as we know it today, is data-driven; thereby renderingthose with excellent mathematical skills a highly desired resource and on reasonably sure trajectories to find a high-paying, high-growth jobs.

Mathematics opens up many bright doors to promising career pathways. Some of these careers have been discussed below. 

  1. Actuary

Actuaries analyse statistical data like mortality rates, injuries, birth rates, retirement rates, etc. to figure out the probability of their occurrences and the costs associated with each event. Actuaries have to deal with risks. The actuaries also have to create new policies for people and firms to minimise the risks associated and also the financial effects of these given scenarios.

Qualification: A U.G. degree in mathematics, economics, statistics or actuarial science, or field related to business like finance.

Salary bracket: INR 3 - 25 lakh




  1. Cost Estimator

A cost estimator is an asset to an organization. His job is to assess how much a planned future project or product, is likely to cost the firm and to draw up recommendations on future endeavours; predicting their profitability. The analysisof factors like raw material costs, labour, duration and location have to assessed independently, as well. Most importantly,they have to predict feasibility of project based on the extrapolation of available and predicted data.

Qualification: Someone with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, stats or economics.

Salary bracket: INR 2.7 - 6 lakh



  1. Economist

Economics is increasingly becoming a numerical science, given that the job of an Economist is to identify problems and solutions within the requisite distribution and production of goods and services such as land, labour and raw materials. They have to research, analyse and monitor prevailing economic conditions and predict likely economic conditions

Qualification: Person possessing a master’s degree or a Ph. D. in economics is a necessity.

Salary bracket: INR 3 - 13 lakh


  1. Engineers

Engineers are creators of novel and better products and services, be it electronics, software or computer products. They have to be aware and upbeat about technological advancements taking place across the globe. 

Qualification: A college degree in engineering with specialisation in any stream, along with courses in mathematics and physical and life sciences.

Salary bracket: INR 2.5 - 15 lakh


  1. Physicist

Physicists work upon the natural world. They are to perform experiments to conduct research and then to develop various theories related to nature and its laws, energy, motion. Etc.

Qualification:  A doctoral degree (Ph.D.) would suffice to be a physicist.

Salary bracket: INR 2 - 10 lakh




  1. Market Researcher

To inspect the market conditions to analyse the potential sales of a product or service, is the major job of a market researcher. They conduct various polls and surveys to understand factors that will affect the sale of a particular product. This is a key job necessarily required prior to any new product launch.

Qualification: A bachelor's degree would pretty much suffice for anyresearch job, but a master's degree is usually required for technical positions.

Salary bracket: INR 1 - 8 lakh




  1. Mathematician

Mathematicians can be of two types: theoretical and applied ones. Theoretical ones develop new principals of Math and try finding new developments in the existing ones. Applied ones apply the concepts of Math to solve bigger problems in Economic, Scientific amd Engineering domains.

Qualification: A Ph.D. in mathematics is the mandatory minimum educational requirement.

Salary bracket: INR 3.6 - 8 lakh




  1. Statistician

Statisticians make use of statistical and mathematical theories to collect, decode and interpret numerical inputs and hence provide usable information. This can be used to learn how new products will be accepted or how safe they are even before they are sold.

Qualification: A master's degree in statistics or mathematics is the basic necessity, but research and academic jobs generally accept only a Ph.D.

Salary bracket: INR 2 - 10 lakh



  1. Mathematics or Science Professor

To teach secondary students or college students is what a professor can take up. Generally they teach various courses like engineering mathematics, calculus, random processes, etc.

Qualification: Four-year colleges and universities only accept candidates with a doctoral degree or people pursuing one.

Salary bracket: INR 1.8 - 8 lakh




  1. Accountant

An accountant generally prepares financial reports to help managers in business or executives working for the government.

Qualification: Generally a graduation degree in business or a chartered accountant degree would be acceptable.

Salary bracket: INR 1.8 - 5 lakh



   11.  Astronomer

They primarily use the principles of physics and math to understand the working of the universe and contribute towards research and breakthrough experiments.

Qualification: Minimum a Ph.D. in the field of astronomy is necessary.

Salary bracket: INR 5 - 10 lakh



  1. Meteorologist

These guys generally study the physical features and motions and behaviours of various processes of the earth and its atmosphere.

Qualification:A B.Sc in meteorology or a bachelors in mathematics both are sufficient to get into meteorology. 

Salary bracket: INR 3 - 8 lakh



So, if you adore mathematics and solving sums is your passion, you can make a career out of it. If numbers intrigue you the most and working with formulas and tables is exciting, then choose from the list of careers discussed. For some, Math might actually be a lot of fun. Formulas, equations, roots, thetas and calculators might be your friends. To all the “math geeks” out there, you can use those skills and just plain get paid well and still have the job satisfaction to do what you love the most- To do Math!

Salary Source: Payscale and Glassdoor

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By Devika Arora


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