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Dec 2015

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A Media study is a broad term which encompasses mass communications, PR, journalism and many more related wings. This field is comparatively new and its now being taken seriously all across the globe. In a country like India, media studies will have a very big role to play since it is directly linked with information handling and framing mindsets along with opinions of the masses. In a country as diverse as ours, there is immense scope of information handling and reporting. The way information is given and dealt with judiciously will make a difference in this industry. So as soon as someone chooses the career path of media studies, he or she should be prepared to take the responsibility of disseminating information and handling it in an unbiased way.


What are the bodies that employ media studies professionals?

Creative industries and cultural industries make use of media studies graduates apart from media industry of course. The work areas where such professionals are required are PR and media practice, writing along with publishing, journalism, digital media and computer games, video and filmmaking, television and radio. The main employers of media studies professionals are

colleges and universities


  • Marketing organizations
  • Government bodies
  • Civil services
  • Communication agencies
  • Newspaper industry
  • Media companies
  • publishing houses
  • TV and radio companies
  • PR consultancies



What are the colleges and universities that offer courses on media studies in India?

Some of the good colleges in India that offer Bachelors, Masters, MPhil and PhD programs have been enlisted below.

Serial No

Names of Institutes

Courses offered


Madras Christian College, Chennai

Certificate Course in Online Journalism

Diploma in Advertising and Public Relations (DAPR)


Kamala Nehru College for Women, Delhi

B.A. Journalism


K.C. College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Mumbai

Masters in Entertainment, media and advertising

Bachelor in Mass Media


Indraprastha College for Women, New Delhi

Bachelors Journalism


Tata Institute of Social Sciences

MA in Media and Cultural studies

PG Diploma in Community Media


Amity School Of Communication, Noida

B.A. & M,A, (Film & Television Production)

B.A.& M.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication) - 3 Continent

MBA Media management

PhD in Mass communication


Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication, Pune

MA Mass Communication


Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi

B.A. Journalism


Christ University, Bangalore

B.A., M.A. and MPhil. In Media and communication.

The fees of such courses range from  Rs. 200000/-Rs. 600000/- for these courses in private institutions, while it is pretty affordable in normal degree colleges.


So how much can a media studies person make in India?

Fortunately in India the career paths opening up after a stint in media studies are not dismal. Though it is a growing field but you can definitely do well by choosing to serve the field of media, here itself in India.

The salary figures are interesting depending on what majors have they pursued after graduating in media studies.




What are the institutes abroad to pursue media studies?


Here are some of the institutes to pursue media studies abroad.

Serial No

Name of Institutes

Courses offered


University of Akron

Bachelor of Arts in Communication - Interpersonal and Public Communication

Master of Arts in Communication - Communication Studies Track


Johnson & Wales University - Providence

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree in Media and Communication Studies


Saint Peter's University

Bachelor of Arts in Communication


Loughborough University London

Digital Media Systems post graduation

Internet and Media Clouds post graduation

Sports Digital and Media Technologies postgraduation


University of New England (UNE)

Advanced Diploma in Arts majoring in Screen and Media Studies


University of the West of Scotland

Broadcast Production BA


University of Bristol

Communications PhD

Disability Studies (Inclusive Theory and Research) MSc


University of Hartford - Undergraduate Admissions

Bachelor of Arts in Communication - Communication Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Communication - Media and Journalism

The fees amount can be really high for these courses ranging from Rs.800000/-Rs.3000000/- per year.


What are the career prospects of media studies abroad?

It is desirable that if one has a degree in media studies from U.K. or U.S.A. it can be easier to land upon a job abroad. The course fees can be really enormous but then a capable person is more than compensated in the industry with a degree in media studies. Preferably you can work for free or do an internship of at least a year, even while pursuing the course to give you some experience. That way you can always do a better job when embarking on full fledged paid career in media studies.

Salary figures can be quite enticing for a career in media studies if pursued abroad as shown below in the table.


Pros and Cons of a career in media studies

Media studies professionals get to establish many kinds of contacts and hone their skills for effective communication. This renders them extremely malleable to fit into a wide variety of roles. Payment can be really good with many options to pursue career all across the world. But then the lifestyle of such people can be quite unpredictable. The work hours can be light to very hectic. Food preferences may need to be broadened to adjust in any situation. And travel schedules can be erratic however providing ample scope to discover people and places (can be quite perilous too).


Call for action

India is in huge requirement of responsible unbiased media studies professionals. If a career in writing, reporting and handling of information seems attractive to you, then this nation is in need of qualified capable population like you.