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Apr 2019

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All about the new National Testing Agency and recent changes in NEET & JEE-Mains exam

All about the new National Testing Agency and recent changes in NEET & JEE-Mains exam : On 7th July 2018, Honourable Human Resource Department Minister Mr. Prakash Javadekar on a press conference, released the birth of National Testing Agency, announcing some big changes in the conduction of entrance examinations in India. Some of the vital changes announced by him on the press conference are as follows: From the Academic year 2019, following entrance exams will now be conducted by NTA and not CBSE: JEE (Mains) NEET UGC- NET CMAT GPAT   Secondly, JEE(Mains) will be conducted twice a year in the month of January, and April; and similarly, NEET will also be conducted twice a year in the month of February, and May. The candidates can give the exam twice a year, and out of which the best score will be considered for the admission process.   Thirdly, the Syllabus, Language, Nature of Questions, and Feeswill be the same, however the mode of examination will be on computer, instead of pen and paper, to bring in more transparency. Moreover, the examination process will be 4-5 days long, and per the convenience the candidates can select the date.    As the mode of examination will be computer based, the candidates who do not have an accessibility of computers at their homes, the testing agency will be providing them an opportunity for practicing the test on computers either on Saturdays and Sundays, or by downloading the practice sessions.   For NEET 2019, the dates for online submission is 1st October 2018- 31st October 2018. As of now the tentative dates of the examination is between 3rd February to 17th February 2019, and 12th May to 26th May 2019. The exam will be 8 days long, and the candidate can choose one day as per their convenience. If you have any queries regarding this, feel free to reach us at 9559990000, or write us at support@idreamcareer.com to get your queries solved. We will be happy to guide you.

Steps to Find The Top Career Counselling Platforms

Steps to Find The Top Career Counselling Platforms : Steps to Find The Top Career Counselling Platforms Do you often find yourself in a situation when your family members attack you with the career-related queries? What do you answer them? Do you have a dedicated plan towards your dream job or you are still in search of your dream job? Unfortunately, most of the individuals have no clue regarding their ideal career. And, this case is a common scenario amongst the school students who pass 10th or 12th standard. There is a high chance that some these confused souls can land on a bad career track themselves. Moreover, when it comes to buying not-so-important stuff in life like clothes, mobile, and accessories, we consult so many people. However, when it comes to one of the most important decisions in life, career, one often forgets to take proper guidance. How can you ignore the most significant decision of your life? A career is the most valuable aspect of one’s growth. Choosing a right career can shape the rest of your life. Many people have this misconception that they know everything about their ideal career choice and related requirements. And, many times this is the cause of their failure in their professional life. It is even hard for some people to switch the occupation track at a later stage. Therefore, in countries like India, where people usually opt for one career field for their entire life, choosing the best career is the critical. With so many job opportunities in the market, feeling confused or lost is a common sign. However, a right approach must be embraced to achieve better results for a long run. It is best to receive an appropriate support from someone who is an industry expert and can connect you with your dream job. Career counselling is one such process that provides effective proper guidance and motivation towards making a right career move. Career counselling platforms help a person to know his interests, passion, and skills and then recommend the best job as per their suitability. For one who is aware of his career path, career counsellor experts show the right set of skills to be built for achieving successful results in that area. There are certain job profiles you may not even know exist. Moreover, how to pursue them is the next challenge for an aspirant. In such cases, the career counsellors play a vital role. Career counselling in India helps a person to explore various career opportunities. A growing career selection is a hard decision, but trained career counsellors present the most valuable insights of the industry and thus making the job selection process easy. It might be the case with many students that they are unsure of what to do. They have so many possibilities in their mind. But realistically, career is not a mixture of many things. You cannot taste a little bit of everything. Career counsellors work towards this thought and allow a person to narrow down the actual career paths for them. Career counselling platforms provide facts, aptitude tests, psychometric analysis, and other detailed operations that enable one to take a right move towards their big goal. Even Indian parents want to contribute to the career of their child. They want to help them for going into a right career block. They think that they know what their children can do and this is the situation that produces a conflict between them. Parents need to understand the interests and passion of their child. Pushing their own decisions over them can be suffocating. The interesting thing is that no one is wrong in this case. While parents might be having knowledge about the leading job areas, children know about themselves and their talent. This partial situation can effectively handled by a career counsellor. They can rescue both the parties by providing them enough knowledge regarding a career. With a detailed knowledge about various career paths and associated skills, career advisors provide effective help by comparing all the choices that one is considering. One can solve all their dilemmas of the ideal career with career counsellors. Finding a career counselling platform is definitely a major thing to do. So, look at the below essential steps to discover the best career counselling platforms in India. Chalk Out Your Preferences Are you done with your school syllabus? Now it is time for some serious stuff. If you have already managed to find some of the best college courses or ideal job profiles, it is better to write down your career priorities. However, do not pick any career track randomly out of the list. Understanding the pros and cons of each one will yield in improved decisions and outcomes. You will need a career counsellor for that who can throw light on the most favourable career choices. Also, for them to give their verdict, understanding your strengths, weaknesses, and interests is a mandatory process. Every day, students get to see new courses via offline or online platforms. This practice provides exceptional and leading career opportunities; however, it also adds to the confusion of students. Visiting a reliable portal of career counselling in India will cut out the useless information so they can only see a clear path. But firstly, do some research and look around to know about your interesting career opportunities. Know about Value-Added Services Creating an attractive resume is not enough today. Organizations expect much more than that from the job seekers. Industries are incorporating robust solutions from flexible employees who can lead to profitable and significant results based on their right attitude and performance. In this tech-driven world, one has to be well aware of the technical skills required along with improved personal traits. Every sector deploys a technology perspective and different industry demands, and this is why it is required that aspirants are well informed. Career counsellors are an essential component in the education sector. They examine the skills of a student and based on them highlight the best career alternatives. They are helpful in exhibiting an all round and remarkable profile of an individual apart from his academic excellence reports. After knowing the skill set one must have for a particular job, consulting a career counsellor and taking a career test are the next best steps towards an accelerating career. Try Career Assessments Career assessment is a basic step to perform if you need to know the best job field for you. Due to digital transparency and online channels, many students know about career testing platforms. Unfortunately, only a few access them. For those who are unaware of career assessments, these platforms allows a candidate to gain more knowledge about their personality. These include career tests that highlight strong and weak areas and based on your personality, skills and interests. For example, some tests categorise you as an extrovert or introvert. Through such results, students can know about their core capabilities. A good career counsellor will always either offer or suggest a career assessment before guiding you forward. There are  students that take an online career assessment to filter their career choices and then go about looking for a career counsellor to find out more. Interaction with a Counsellor A good counsellor is able to understand you and your career desire chart like no other. He evaluates your personality and factors associated with your professional habits. Report interpretation, interaction, shortlisting colleges are some of the things they follow. They offer an unbiased review for the benefit of a student. Moreover, emerging technology has simplified the career counselling process. It is now able to provide more accurate and effective solutions. Technology implementation in the career counselling platforms now presents very specific and targeted information to the aspirants. The hassle-free solutions examine a candidate’s suitability for a career track. Online counselling sources enhance the success factor of a career for a student. Also, they implement both qualitative and quantitative methodologies to come up with unambiguous decisions. Trained in psychometric assessments, career counsellors find it easy to talk to the parents and students and providing acceptable results for them by following a logical approach in the process. Possibilities of Getting a Personal Mentor The journey of reaching an ideal career or college is not the last step to survive on the top of your career game. Students need advice on every stage through regular motivation and guidance. When you have taken career counselling services, you can find that there is no one better than the counsellor itself. Adopting the role a mentor, career counsellors can set action-oriented goals for a candidate. As a mentor, career counsellors can develop and maintain a balance between the personal and professional traits of a student. They provide the latest information in the industry to keep the students updated on the current possibilities and making them flexible towards their dream job. A career counsellor is a crucial part that is a pathfinder for most of the children. Based on their strong research and training, counsellors at some of the best career counselling platforms in India can effortlessly strategize your career roadmap. Imagine the scenario when you are not consulting a career counsellor. The knowledge of your relatives and seniors is what you can take. However, understand that a person working in a single domain cannot help you make a right decision as per your capabilities. In this case, one will only get results based on some useless facts, unlike career counselling where you receive succinct career choices.

10 Signs That You Need Help from Career Counsellor

10 Signs That You Need Help from Career Counsellor : 10 Signs That You Need Help from Career Counsellor India is the largest democracy around the world where one celebrates the freedom to practice any profession or occupation of their choice. But this may not be entirely true because decades of Indian education have been submerged in the outmoded style of learning and stagnant career options to pursue thereafter. If that wasn’t enough, there is continuous uninformed guidance and expectations from family members or peer pressure limiting you from making unconventional career choices. Truly speaking, there is no particular villain in the story but then we’ve become accustomed to making safe and tested choices in all spheres of life. And, education and career are sitting right at the top of that list. Ignorance is not bliss! It is necessary to evolve with time. It is essential that we realise that times are not the same. There are so many new types to thriving career options that have emerged. One should choose a career that they can stick to and offers ample opportunities for them to explore in the future. It is equally important to stay at the top of the game in the chosen field. So where does it all start? How can one make the best career decision for themselves? Given the maze of opportunities that lie at hand, is it just the performance in a subject or stream that counts? These are some of the most important questions to ask oneself before choosing a career path. And, career counselling is one of the most effective processes to undergo in order to find the right direction for a successful professional life. For ages, career counselling in India has been neglected on accounts of being a manipulative exercise and a worthless investment. Unlike the set notion, undergoing career counselling in India online or offline is an enriching experience for both children and adolescents. India is slowly yet steadily warming up to the idea of introducing it as a solid support system for students in schools and other educational institutes. Career counsellors in India suggest the best career choices by identifying the strengths, weaknesses, talents, skills and personal interests of an individual Career counselling is a process that takes you through a series of experiences to help you make the right decisions considering core components like your interests, family values, culture, abilities and personality. It involves gaining new knowledge about yourself which ultimately, positively affects your decisions related to career. It etches out a roadmap for individuals to follow for a suitable career growth. Even though we’re mentioning these points, many people do not realize the help that actually comes along with choosing career counselling in India. They are unsure if they really require the help of that sort. Here are 10 signs that indicate that you should get help from a career professional today: 1.You are clueless about your goals in life : Determining what you will be good at any stage of life might be difficult for some people. Unfortunately, this can never fit as an excuse in most situations in life. Living a life that is without a direction is almost like not living at all. It’s important to think about things that excite you and make you happy. You should analyze what career choices will be the best match for the kind of lifestyle you want to lead. You may seek help from your family and friends for the same but it will also be insufficient. For complete guidance, trust only career counsellors that will take your personality and interests into account when advising you. With their years of expertise and knowledge about a number of careers, they will help you design your career path with the least number of obstacles. 2.You’ve just finished middle school and are prepping up for bigger challenges: The end of the middle school is often considered as the threshold of the career foundation.   Once the middle school finishes, there is a new sense of responsibility that the students feel. They start considering strengthening their focus and concentration for subjects like Science and Maths. They actively start observing their peers and start getting influenced by career discussions with them. Parents, by now, are more serious about the performance of a child as the career building stage effectively starts from this very point in life. It’s at this tender age that a student should enroll themselves for a session of career counselling in India. Given that the seeds of ‘success in future’ are sown during this time, this is the best opportunity to educate the students about the importance of career planning. It’s relatively easier to expose them to the plethora of career choices post recognizing their skills and talent and helping them get their life on track from the very beginning. 3. You’ve just completed class 10th and are looking forward to selecting a new stream: Completing class 10th is one of the most important milestones for a student in India. If students are not completely aware of their career choices ahead of themselves, it is highly probable that they might opt for a stream that is not suitable for them and neither benefits them in any way in the future. This is also another transition phase where students listen to all sorts of advice, some of them from completely misinformed individuals and some of them from overconfident peers. Either way, listening to and acting upon these can be really harmful. Class 10th is the stage where a student finally gets to control the steering wheel of their career and move it in the right direction heading to success. One needs to strengthen their decision-making skills because from here onwards all the major career decisions need to be determined by reasoning and assessing personal skills and talent. It is also the time where you can omit the subjects that bring down your performance unnecessarily. Opting for career guidance in India at this stage helps a student choose the accurate career path by weighing skills and personal attributes against the three common streams- Commerce, Science and Arts- and career choices options involved. 4. Now that class 12th is over, what options do you have for colleges or work opportunities? Crossing your second milestone, class 12th brings even more responsibilities on your shoulder. This is the time where you’re just officially about to enter the rat race and experience competition head-on. Why only this? You will also be required to make decisions for your future like: Continuing with your current stream and moving forward with higher education in the same. Filling forms and applying for competitive exams and entrance tests at various institutes. Switching to a new stream altogether and proceeding with higher studies. Taking a quick training in the thriving sector and get a job. From regular career choices such as MBBS, mechanical engineering, BBA to more evolved options in the same categories like biotechnology, petrochemical engineering, physiotherapy, international trade, event management, graphic designing, etc., there are many options. Moreover, if one is eager to do a job after 12th, they can go for vocational careers that require particular skills’ training. Some of these fields are hospitality and tourism, software development and electronics and hardware. 5. You are now a college graduate but you’re not even close to deciding what to do next : After three or four years of a bachelor’s program, you are now faced with another challenge. You are now ready to either take the first step in the job market where thousands of people are literally applying for the same job or gearing yourself up to get a spot in the best universities in India and abroad for a Masters program. If getting past the grueling college routine and course curriculum does not give you a clue of what you could be in life, then there’s a problem. It is possible that you may have done really well during graduation years but it may still leave you feeling empty and unhappy. Whether you’re considering going for a job or pursuing further studies, you will require career guidance. Career counselling will not prepare you just for an immediate sense of achievement but will make you ready for long successful professional life ahead.     6. Your job choice didn’t work in your favour and you ended up being fired : The sound of it hurts, doesn’t it? But, unfortunately, it happens to many people with jobs in India. People end up underperforming against the set expectations at work and this happens. It’s not that an individual is trying to hamper his own career knowingly. Maybe the job choice was incorrect. Maybe the position applied for was wrong. There are so many unconscious wrong choices from your end that make you think that you’re doing a good job but tells your employer otherwise. You may also strongly feel that your current job is not your correct call but you still continue it for the sake of monetary benefits or experience. The real struggle starts when you face your employer and they put the stamp of underperformance on you and tell you to leave. Career counselling at this point in time will pull away all the negativity and help to see the real truth behind your experience. It will encourage you to move forward with a new improved game plan where you make better moves and touch success repeatedly. 7. You’re in a job, maybe even doing well but you’re still unsatisfied : Some people just have a knack for learning things quickly. This quality makes them perform well at any task assigned to them. But this may not necessarily be the dream job they were going for. Every job and career has its highs and lows but it is important to be able to see oneself doing something similar for at least the next 10 years. That’s one of the best ways to plan your career. Currently, due to the introduction of many new career options, the roles and responsibilities found in job descriptions overlap. This does not decrease the significance of the skills you need or the experience you may require. To gain experience, you need to learn fast and have milestones set well in advance. Career counselling in India can help you find out the perfect job. 8. You’re in a bad job that you can’t escape from : It’s not wise to stick to a job that does not make you happy. Moreover, it’s not just about being happy but it’s about seeing your future in a good light with it. You may think that you can make it work for like two months or a year but sooner or later you will have to leave. Continuing with that kind of stress for the sake of it can lead to underperformance, health issues, complete burn out or finally you getting fired. You don’t need to suffer but you need to be proactive. You can find the right support you need with career counselling in India to move ahead and get to your ideal workplace. Career counselling is just a small investment for your big future. 9. You know what you want but are getting nowhere with the kind of opportunities you are seeking : You might have been the brightest student in the class all your life but if you can’t impress an employer with your vision of the future and your success along with the growth of the company, it’s not a good news. Employers are looking for people who know who they are, what they want to be and how they will contribute to the organization while becoming who they want to be.  Whenever a company is hiring, they are looking for individuals who have clarity and are informed about the choices they are making. Career counselling helps to assess the development of career path from time to time. It helps you to understand your own goals and share it confidently. This shows the employer that you are passionate. Career counselling helps you maintain that passion and become the person you intended out to be. 10. You’ve got the talent but are out of focus : Can’t concentrate on one thing for long? This may not necessarily be your fault. It’s more like a blessing in disguise that your creativity and talent are making you behave this way. Career guides will actually match your interest, personality, skills and more against a number of career options and suggest you the top ones accordingly. Career counselors in India not only have the education but have the observation skills, communication skills and experience to help you achieve your dreams. Set your goals right under the guidance and support of career counselling experts. Choosing the right career may not be easy but institutes like iDreamCareer are trying to provide valuable guidance to students of class 9th to 12th so they can have a better future ahead. Being one of the best institutes for career counselling in India, iDreamCareer promises to make counselling a comfortable and interactive experience so that students make good progress in their career path.  

10 New Age Careers in Technology

10 New Age Careers in Technology : 10 New Age Careers in Technology With speeding technology it is becoming the need of the hour to keep yourself updated with the changes in technology and how it is also creating a platform for new jobs and opportunities. A lot of things have come up to increase the interaction with people which has made communication much easier. The impact of new emerging technology is that now a great part of it is being used in real life With so much happening around in the tech world, careers in computer science have also evolved over a period of time. New opportunities employing new technology are generating new career options for tech based individuals. Below are the details of the most sought after career options in computer science industry. Cloud Computing Description Cloud computing is an IT based model that allows access to shared collection of configurable system resources and higher level services that can be readily supplied over the internet with less management efforts. Application of Cloud Computing For example, By using cloud computing services, Netflix, one of the top media service providers, has been able to cater to its on- demand streaming services. Cloud computing services allowed the company to expand its customer base without having to invest in costly servers and maintenance cost. Let us see how Netflix has managed to handle such a large data base. Netflix in the initial years of their launch as a company used to provide DVD’s to customers via email. As they grew a larger customer membership over time, demand for more DVD’s amplified. The company then decided to sellits 100millionth DVD and chose to reinvent their entire business. With a lot of customers and database to store, Netflix partnered with Amazon and instead of investing huge sums of money in servers and storage machines, they used Amazon’s infrastructure. At that time, transmitting massive data over the internet was not easy and the servers needed locations near the areas where customers used the services. Soon Netflix started working towards becoming a software technology for cloud computing and most of their things ran on Amazon Web Service (AWS), which was principally a server infrastructure. AWS then needed to create a software technology so that their applications worked well in the cloud environment. And that’s how Netflix manages its large customer base with the help of AWS. Education Qualification Minimum Educational Qualification required for this career is B.Tech in Computer Science and additional certification courses. Some certification courses are as follows: Name of certification Mode Website AWS- Amazon Web Services Online Link- here MCSE- Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert Online Link- here RHCA- Red Hat Certified Architect: Cloud Online Link- here Oracle Cloud Certificate Online Link- here Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect Online Link- here IBM Certified Cloud Solution Architect Online Link- here Big Data Description Big Data Engineers develop, maintain, organise and evaluate big data. These are so complex and large that traditional methods of handling data cannot be applicable. So the challenges involve huge data storing, analysis, searching and transferring. Application of Big Data Big Data is enormously used to understand customer performance and preference. For example, Amazon.com has become the largest online retail store in the ecommerce market. It started off as an online bookstore and later expanded into sales and production of consumer goods, electronics and house hold items. Amazon uses product recommenders to personalize customer experience in which the products are customised to suit their taste and interest. And since Amazon uses larger data and customer base, Big Data comes into play. Amazon makes use of clustering algorithms and collaborative filtering to group customers based on preferences. Their product recommender system group’s customers into groups based on similar search and item to item collaborative filtering. So basically when we open amazon’s app and are confused as to how an app was able to predict a product of our interest, that’s where Big Data was able to assist the servers in proving information of the data based on our previous searches and activities in the app. Education Qualification Minimum educational Qualification for Big Data engineer is to have sufficient experience in software engineering along with object-oriented designs, coding and testing. Certifications in various languages may be added as additional qualification.  Some certification courses are as follows: Name of certification Mode Website IBM Certified Data Engineer - Big Data Online Link- here Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE): Data Management and Analytics Online Link- here Big Data Hadoop Certification Offline Link- here Bits PilaniPost Graduate Programme in Big Data Engineering Offline Link- here Data Science   Description Data Science is an integrated field that uses scientific methods, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from data in various organized and unorganized forms. So basically a Data Scientist is responsible for evaluating and analysing large amounts of data to identify ways of improvising business systems and operations. Application of Data Science Data Science is a subcategory in Big Data engineering and often the job includes Cleaning and validating the data to ensure accuracy, completeness, and uniformity, Devising and applying models and algorithms to mine the stores of big data, and also analyzing the data to identify patterns and trends, Interpreting the data to discover solutions and opportunities. Education Qualification Minimum Educational qualification for Data Science is having a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a software engineering background.  Some certification courses are as follows: Name of certification Mode Website Microsoft Professional Program for Data Science Online Link- here Data Science Specialization Online Link- here Data Science Essentials Online Link- here Machine Learning Description Machine Learning is a subdivision of Artificial Intelligence that uses statistical techniques to give computers the ability to ‘learn’ without being programmed. A machine learning scientist will be responsible for writing ML algorithms for machines to be able to understand and interpret systems. Application of Machine learning Machine learning is the latest example of digital transformation, making digital world even more convenient and reliable. For instance, Voice recognition systems such as Siri or Cortana explicitly use machine learning technologies to respond to human interaction. As they are gaining accuracy overtime, these voice recognition devices are being ususesed daily by hundreds of users. Recommendations on ecommerce are also gaining popularity. For example if person A is looking for a particular smartphone on the ecommerce site, then the computer is smart enough to understand that it has to recommend a certain type of product. So without using any software for this feature, the computer is actually learning activities and creating recommendations on the basis of what the person A was looking for. Education Qualification Formal education qualifications for Machine Learning Scientist are a B.Tech degree in computer science followed by Master’s degree and PhD. Some certification courses are as follows: There are a number of online courses that will teach the basics of Machine Learning. The list of courses are as follows: Name of course/ certification Mode Website Natural Language Processing (NLP) Online Link- here Principles of Machine Learning Online Link- here Computer Vision and Image Analysis Online Link-here AR and VR- Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Description AR is an experience of a real world setting or environment whose fundamentals are augmented by computer generated information. It alters ones ongoing perception of a real world environment, supplementing the real world with the virtual objects. Application of AR and VR- Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality AR developers are responsible for implementation of the plan which may include coding, enhancing UI and UX end for the user and AR assets designing etc. The most popular game Pokémon Go is a great example to understand Augmented Reality. The game allows users to catch virtual Pokémon’s that are hidden throughout the map of the real world locations. It uses real locations to encourage players to walk in the real world to discover Pokémon. The game enables the players to search and catch species of Pokémon on the go. Also apps like Augment enable its users to see their products in 3D in a real world environment, making the users choose or select options by virtually imagining them placed at their home. Virtual Reality- The whole idea of Virtual reality is to create sense that creates the surroundings as real as the virtual world. This environment can be similar to the real world or it can be imaginary, creating an experience that is not possible in ordinary physical reality. Present VR technology uses VR headsets, sometimes in arrangement with physical environments, to create realistic images, sounds and other ambiances that simulate a user's physical presence in a virtual world. A person using virtual reality equipment is able to "look around" the artificial world, move around in it, and interact with virtual features or items. Education Qualification Minimum educational qualification required to get into field is a degree in computer science along with expertise in many different gaming languages like Unity, which uses C# as its primary programming language and Unreal Engine, which uses C++ and a node-based language called Blueprints Visual Scripting.  Some certification courses are as follows: Name of course/ certification Mode Website Virtual Reality (VR) App Development Online Link-here Introduction to VR with Unity Online Link-here Augmented Reality Portal- Apple ARKit framework Online Link-here Cryptocurrency / Block chain Description Block chain is a public record of bunch of transactions called blocks that are linked and secured using cryptocurrency. The distributed records are decentralized and hence are not controlled or monitored by any single individual or firm. Application of Cryptocurrency / Block chain- Since block chain is still in its developing stages in other sectors like healthcare and security, use of it can reduce a lot of work and cost expenses. For example the blockchain can be used to create a type of universal record with a timestamp, a library that enables data recoveryacross miscellaneous databases. This will become extremely valuable as precision medicine and the explosion of sensors, wearables and mHealth apps proceeds. Block chain technology is going to be a big part of our lives in coming future and thus the need for block chain experts is on the rise. Education Qualification Minimum qualification to become a block chain developer is to have basics in the field of software engineering with additional knowledge in data structures including Stack, Queues, Linked List, and HederaHashMapsand other certification courses. Some certification courses are as follows: Name of course/ certification Mode Website Blockchain Certification Training Course Online Link-here IBM Blockchain foundation developer Online Link-here Block chain essentials- IBM Online Link-here Specialization in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Online Link-here Artificial Intelligence Description Artificial Intelligence or the machine intelligence is the intelligence demonstrated by the machines which is in contrast to the natural intelligence exhibited by humans. In other words, it is the ability of machines to learn, process and predict actions and that maximizes the chances of successful completion of tasks. Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been constantly developing and with such a fast pace we are in fact using half of the electronics and other devices run on artificial intelligence. Google Maps is one of the most popular example for artificial intelligence. Using anonymized location data from smartphones, Google Maps can analyse the speed of traffic movement at any given time. And with more innovation in AI, Maps are more easily incorporating user-reported traffic incidents like construction and accidents. Access to vast amounts of data being fed to its proprietary algorithms has led to Maps reducing travel time by suggesting the fastest routes possible. Machine learning, natural language processing, deep learning and neutral learning are all the subsets of Artificial Intelligence and therefore an AI engineer would be working on one of the different subsets of AI. It is basically a combination of human computer interaction along with visual processing and machine learning and many more. Education Qualification To build a computer science career in Artificial Intelligence, the prerequisites are similar to Machine Learning, i.e. B.Tech in computer science and a master’s degree followed by PhD. Some certification courses are as follows: Certification courses available in these fields are as follows: Name of course/ certification Mode Website Microsoft Professional Program in Artificial Intelligence Online Link-here Intro to Artificial Intelligence Online Link-here AI- Developer course Online Link-here Ethical Hacking Description The only difference between an ethical hacker and a malicious hacker is that ethical hacker uses his skills for the security of data and servers from other hackers. Ethical hacker uses his professional skills in a legitimate and lawful manner and is the ultimate security professional. Application of Ethical Hacking The job of an ethical hacker is to detect flaws like vulnerable hardware, software, and procedural security. Without this the security maybe bypassed and made more vulnerable to hackers who can misuse the information or even extort money by blocking all the user data and information.Ethical hacking is a very useful approach in defending company’svaluable online systems. By tapping into the abilities and potential of white hat hackers, companies are able to take on and prevent damages caused by the real hackers. Education Qualification Since no one can afford to risk their data in an increasingly digitalised market, thus demand for ethical hackers is growing day by day. A career in Ethical Hacking requires in depth knowledge and understanding of how a software really works. Therefore a degree in software engineering or equivalent is a must. Certifications that are focused around data vulnerability, coding and others are required for additional qualifications. Some certification courses are as follows: Name of course/ certification Mode Website Real-World Ethical Hacking- certificate course Online Link-here Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) v9 Online Link- here CEH (v10) - Certified Ethical Hacker Training Course Online Link-here Internet Of Things or IoT Description Internet of things is the interconnection of devices, home appliances, security cameras etc. where all devices become smart and interconnected to everything around us. Internet of things is expected to create opportunities for more direct integration of the physical world into computer-based systems which can result in improvements in efficiency, economic benefits, and reduce human efforts. Application of Internet of things We are all set to enter an age where more advanced connectivity options amongst networks, systems, devices are going to change the way we live which will go beyond the human to machine communications. Internet of things has already begun changing the world by providing excess of options to operate and live life full of ease. One such great development is Home Automation. A home automation system will control lighting, temperature, entertainment systems, and appliances also includes home security such as access control and alarm system. When connected with the Internet, home devices are an important constituent of the Internet of Things. One of the many benefits that IoT provides is the ability to control room temperature just before reaching home. The systems works in such a way that the device can be controlled by connecting your smartphone with the devices. This gives free access to monitor and control the devices. These have been seen as energy conservers as they automatically turn off when no one is in the room. Education Qualification The basic aspects of becoming an Internet of Things engineer is a computer science degree followed by an indepth knowledge about hardware’s and software’s as the job includes part hardware and part software qualities. Understanding of microcontrollers (Arduino, Raspberry Pi etc) along with Programming languages like C++, C, Python, Node JS and others are a must. Some certification courses are as follows: Certifications required for additional qualification are as follows: Name of course/ certification Mode Website Bits Pilani Post Graduate Programme in Internet Of Things Offline Link-here Internet of Things – Advance level Online Link-here GSTF Training & Certification Program Online Link-here Growth Hacker Description A growth hacker focuses on low cost alternatives in marketing, advertising and promoting content using digital media. They use non-conventional techniques to help start-up and small businesses.Growth Hacking is a process of identifying the most efficient ways to grow business with the help of marketers, developers, engineers, and product managers. Application of Growth hacking Growth hacking can be done on various platforms like social media; twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn; Hubspot, buffer, inbound.org and various other. Growth hackers is one of the most sought after jobs in the start-up world. A growth hacker must have an understanding of product marketing, social media, analytics, SEO, Strong analytical skills and must be highly focussed on data driven experimentation. For example, a start-up can improve its rank in google search by using SEO and other marketing strategies which all come under Growth Hacking. Education Qualification There is no formal education to become a growth hacker. Although a marketing background is preferred for this career. So even a non-computer science engineer can also take up growth hacking as a career choice. Some programming skills can in improve business development strategy. There are many certificate courses that can add value to a career in growth hacking: Some certification courses are as follows: Name of course/ certification Mode Website The Complete Digital Marketing Course Online Link-here Growth Hacking- Free course Online Link-here Growth Hacking with Digital Marketing Online Link-here -------------------------------------------- The article is written by iDreamCareer.com and we give credits to Mr. Gaurav Gupta, founder of SquareBoat who took the webinar on this topic based on which this entire article was written. 

Turning disability into ability

Turning disability into ability : Turning disability into ability Children with “special needs”- The term doesn’t mean they are not smart, talented or capable. It simply means that they have some basic needs that would require some special assistance. A special needs child has equal potential that any other child of his age would possess. In order to understand the challenges that a special need child faces, it is important to know the types of these infirmities. These are separated into four different parts, each has a different impact on the child. Physical- Children suffering from physical deformities might include Multiple sclerosis, Chronic Asthma, Epilepsy, Muscular Dystrophy and many more that might hinder their physical growth. Developmental- Autism, Dyslexia, Processing disorders, Down syndrome, Disorder of Written Expression, Stuttering and many more, these pose challenges in the natural development of a child. Behavioural/Emotional- ADHD- Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Bi-polarity, Anxiety, Oppositional Defiant Disorder-ODD or any other behavioural or emotional disorder affects the  Sensory Impaired- Includes partially or completely blind, visually impaired, partial or completely deaf or in most cases colour blind. Children with these impairments require special assistance. The impairments that can be cured or can be assisted by some external help enables the child to look forward in life and pursue for his career prospects. It becomes important for a child to shift focus from the deformitiesafter getting adequate assistance. Therefore, not only the child, but the parents too should maintain a reasonable level of understanding that a special needs child is no less than a child without disability and can achieve great things in life. Considering the fact that a special needs child might require frequent or constant support, this should not mean that he has no potential to do other things in life. With developing technology and increasing awareness for special needs children, there has been increase in the number of options available in the form of health care hospitals as well as innovation in technology which are making lives easy.  Stephen Hawking,an English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author, who was the director of research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology at the University of Cambridge at the age of 76, had a rare early-onset slow-progressing form of motor neurone disease that gradually paralysed him over the decades. After losing speech, Stephen was still able to communicate through a speech-generating device.Hawking achieved marketable success with several works of popular science in which he discusses his own theories and cosmology. His book A Brief History of Time appeared on the British Sunday Times best-seller list. Stephen’s disease didn’t stop him from achieving his goals. Tommy Hilfiger, a world renowned brand name, has struggled with Dyslexia for his entire life.  Hilfiger attributes his dyslexia as one of the inspirations for him becoming a clothing designer. Although he struggled with his schooling, he chose to take his own path and emerged as a successful name in the fashion industry. Hilfiger focused on his own strengths and took challenges that came his way as a tool to further strive for success. “Study was never a problem for me” says Pranjil Patil, a 26-year old visually impaired Ulhasnagar resident, who recently cleared Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exams, scoring an All India Ranking of 773. Pranjil was too young to have lost vision in both her eyes but that did not stop her from pursuing her dreams. She started preparing for UPSC along with her MPhil degree. Having cleared the exam, she says, “Success doesn’t give inspiration; the struggle behind success gives you the inspiration. The attitude and the approach to do something matters and each individual can become a building block for a beautiful society.”  The inspiring stories of such exceptions impart a sense of belief that it takes more than courage to face the obstacles and win over them. And if they could do it so courageously and beautifully, then so can you. We are providing alist of prestigious Special Education Schools in India for your ready reference- Name of School Website Catering Disability Tamana Autism Centre- School of Hope, Delhi Website link-here Autism, Multiple Disability , Mentally Challenged Asha Kiran Special Needs School Website link-here Autism, Dyslexia, ADHD, Hearing impairment, Mental Challenges Aditya Birla Integrated School, Mumbai Website link-here Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia and ADHD ASHA- Academy for Severe Handicaps and Autism Website link-here Severe Handicaps and Autism Bethany Society’s JyotiSroat, Shillong Website link-here Visually impaired, and visually challenged. The Gateway School Of Mumbai Website link-here Children with Learning disabilities Sankalp Open School, Chennai Website link-here Autism Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy Website link-here Cerebral Palsy Alpha to Omega, Chennai Website link-here Children with Learning difficulties   Bubbles centre for Autism, Bangalore Website link-here Autism Spectrum Disorder& Developmental Disorder Autism Ashram  Website link-here Autism Policy research exhibits that the mechanism of affirmative schemes and special measures such as reservation are a useful means in creating conditions for equal participation. There is 3 per cent Reservation in education for students with disabilities. This reservation is available in all the government and government-aided educational institutions in the country.

Reasons why scoring average isn’t the end of the world

Reasons why scoring average isn’t the end of the world : Reasons why scoring average isn’t the end of the world One thing that nobody talks about is the fact that scoring less doesn’t mean the end of opportunities. Marks are indicative of a student’s understanding of the concept and not his/her potential. If a student scores less marks, it primarily means the lack of understanding of the concept, it doesn’t define his ability to do something in life. The greatest thinkers, entrepreneurs and leaders of a generation have been the ones who challenged the societal norms and who had goals bigger than just scoring high. Their failures were not the predictors of their intelligence and thus people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and many others were able to achieve what they aspired for. Sandeep Maheshwari, one of the top most successful entrepreneurs in India, in his academic days, a college dropout finding his interest outside of studies. Following his passion, Sandeep became a freelance photographer and an inspiration all over the world. He is now an internet sensation motivating hundreds of young minds with his success stories and experiences. He is the founder of Images Bazaar, known for the largest collection of Indian stock images online.  Another similar story is shared by an actor turned comedian, Vir Das, who was an average student and scored below average marks in his board exams. His low marks in board exams couldn’t hinder his potential of becoming one of the most successful comedians in India today. He has recently debuted his show on Netflix becoming internationally famous. The actor shares on his Facebook post, “Whether your results are amazing or not doesn’t prevent your personality from being amazing. At the end of each day of your life people remember who you are not how you did.” Success isn’t defined by scoring high or low marks, but is surely defined by the amount of effort and smart work one puts in. One can score the highest of marks in exams but may fail to be good at other things, whereas some may be good at both. The fact that there are hundreds of examples of people who weren’t great at academics but did exceptionally well in their life. With increasing competition even scoring 98% doesn’t guarantee admission to the top colleges because every second student is scoring 90+ and struggling to get into their dream college because of the limited availability of seats.         The fact that there is a plethora of career options for a child to choose from, having a clear idea about the same becomes of extreme importance. To help gain some clarity, career counseling firms are gaining popularity among children and parents. Career counseling firm’s help students get some clarity on the options available in their career prospects. The counselors put forth a career path for the child based on the tests the child takes thus providing useful insights that help the child as well as the parents in decision making. Thus getting a brief amount of information for options available in a student’s career path becomes of prime importance. Having a clear approach towards career gives way to a clear career path. One of the many other reasons why scoring less doesn’t mean the end of the world because there comes a point in life where marks and college brand stops mattering. Things like knowledge, creativity and work ethics ultimately shapes one’s personality. Even in personal interviews, factual knowledge matters way less than the actual knowledge a student possess. Thus the statement “marks don’t matter” is partially true. The actual truth lies somewhere in between and thus inculcating the belief that ambition, goals, aspirations, hard work and accountability are better predictors of success in life rather than marks.  Data analysis conducted by Geeta Kingdon, author of the book “Tackling Low Educational Achievement”, shows that between 2004 and 2016, the percentage score in CBSE examinations has been highly amplified. Thus the results in the board examinations have been repeatedly increasing the percentage score of the students. The cut-off percentages to get admission into well reputed colleges have reached impossible levels, creating excessive pressure to do well in senior secondary examinations and therefore increasing the chances of suicides among the younger generation. Earlier 80+ percentage was considered decent and was enough to get admission in good colleges. But with rise in percentages, an average scorer stands minimum or no chance of getting into a good college leading into a stronger belief that he doesn’t possess other skills and talents or the potential to do well. Therefore, one must give calculated importance to marks as well as personal interests. Marks are not a medium through which a students’ caliber is judged, therefore even if scoring low or average marks, a student must focus on improving the score, considering the fact that marks matter only to some extent and it is the will and commitment that decides a child’s future.  “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”- Albert Einstein.