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Career Planning Program for College Student

Career Planning Program for College Student : Career Planning Program For College Students The pressure to remain the best, on top of that hundreds of career options adds to the confusion of students every day. This is why choosing a career is becoming more tricky for students these days. Many children are expected to follow the career path their parents want them to, but this expectation puts their career and, thereby, their future in jeopardy. Fortunately, with efficiently designed career programs, students are encouraged to choose what’s best for them. With proper career guidance, students are learning their strengths and weaknesses. These career planning programs for college students are allowing them to make the right career decision. With the help of professional career guides, students are finding logical solutions and picking out what’s best for them. How the Career planning program with Idreamcareer.com works? Dealing with the stress of choosing the right college, filling forms and getting admission makes students anxious. IDC with full college admission guidance makes the whole process a lot easier. Our expert counselors evaluate every student and discover what they want. Here is how IDC helps in career planning for college students: Building self-Awareness: Our career counselors help students figure out what makes them happier. When students love the work they choose, their career is bound to be successful. Required research for students: We provide students with valuable knowledge about the scope in the field they want to pursue. With information about salary, duties, and opportunities, students are finally able to keep their expectations realistic. Wholesome career assessment: Our career assessment tool is specially designed by psychologists to help identify students skills, personality, and interests. Understanding this helps students and their parents to decide which career will be apt for them. Career planning tips: At IDC our counselors encourage students to join extracurricular activities to discover what they are interested in. With effective tips we help students to go for a career they will be satisfied in. Our goal is to educate both students and parents in the right direction so that they excel in the future. Also read: Reasons why career guidance can drive your progress in the right direction Find the right Career Option with IDC To have a successful career in future students must understand their skills and interest better. And with best career planning program of college students, students can strategise their career path efficiently. IDC provides professional guides who use modern assessment techniques and career tests to help students understand their true potential. Career planning programmes by IDC: Each student is different; their interests and ambitions differ too. But often students are misled, which only results in a waste of time and money. Proper career assessment by professionals helps them to identify and choose the right path. Here are the techniques IDC uses to help students. Finding the right career option: With the best career planner programme, IDC helps students to identify the right career option. Psychometric assessment: Modern scientific tests like psychometric assessment help students to discover their talent and be confident with their abilities. Choose the perfect stream/subject: career planning for college students in IDC includes guiding the students to take the ideal stream. This helps the students head in the right direction and pursue their chosen career with confidence. Huge scope and exploration of career: IDC helps to explore all the possible career options available to the students. This unbiased guidance lets the students take a rational decision based on their interest. Counselling session for college selection: From college admission guidance to shortlisting colleges that are best for students, IDC's skilled counselors provide guidance in every step. Also read: How an education consultant help you in achieving your goals What Makes Us The Preferred Choice for Career planning program We believe that every student deserves to succeed in life and with proper guidance, this is possible. Educating parents about what they should do to help their child is as important as educating students. With our effective counselling programs, we make the stressful process of choosing a career much more manageable. This is what we offer: Workshops for school and college students to give them knowledge about the latest career options. Both online and pen-paper mode assessment tests available in languages like English, Hindi and other regional languages. One on one interaction with the students to understand and analyse their potential. An online portal where students can log in and get updated latest information about various exams and careers. 24×7 support to students for answering their queries and doubts through chatting facilities. Analytical and detailed reports to understand the weakness and the strength of the students. And to guide them on how to work on it. A practical and well thought-out career choice can build a secure future for all students. And at IDC our only mission is to provide a solution that will achieve this end. With our effective career planning for college students, it is no longer challenging for you to build your career.

Career Workshop for Schools

Career Workshop for Schools : Career Workshop for Schools Career Workshop for schools is a general program supplying a broad overview of the career options available to students of various streams, using an introduction to career preparation. The interactive workshops for schools, with aids, aids students in identifying higher education paths that are appropriate and career alternatives thus empowering them to determine the measures they will need to choose to equip themselves. This workshop for schools is an introductory program to its importance in career planning and methodology. It follows a broad summary of career options available to pupils of every stream. Career Workshop for high schools exposes students to a lot of opportunities in a range of professional areas from fashion designing, law enforcement and hotel management to business management, biotechnology and environmental sciences. It covers not only the conventional careers like the civil services, law, technology and medicine, as well as a host of new options in event management, modelling, cellular programs design, film animation, music technology, internet design, fashion merchandising, social media marketing and many more. This can be an engaging workshop, with all audio-visual aids, which aids students in identifying education routes that are appropriate as well as other career alternatives. During the question and answer sessions, both students and their parents can put forward any query they could have about the different options available, as also on the suitable institutions for research in India and overseas and even the job opportunities afterwards. How the Career Workshop for schools with Idreamcareer.com works? We deliver a string of livelihood skills workshops and activities throughout the year to assist you in developing professional skills. Skills workshops for schools will help you to make a good impression at work and build your job search skills. Primarily delivered by specialist staff within our Professions Centre, with a few sessions offered by invited industry guest speakers, our workshops are a valuable opportunity to gain information to strengthen your career and into your first graduate job. How do you decide on the subject streams for your school? It is bound to be a very confusing task. However, this is the very first step to creating a career decision. The selection of career impacts your whole life. The topics you study in Classes 11 and 12 lay the foundation for your choice of topics in University. Hence the focus of the workshop is to produce awareness among pupils of the process of career planning and to help them research the hundreds of exciting career possibilities from the subject streams. Also read: Importance of co-curricular activities for a student Objectives of Career Workshop for schools with idreamcareer We seek to improve the quality of life for students. Idreamcareer Career Planning workshop offers activities and information to help you in understanding and implementing the Career Planning process. Our objectives include, but are not limited to the following. Career Planning Process: What are the steps to career preparation? Participants will participate in activities throughout the three days to make sure they are confident in implementing these steps. Self-Discovery: Provides participants who have interactive and written assessments for identifying their values, interests and abilities. The Career Decision Making System (booklet and map) is used to narrow down some career possibilities for every customer. Identifying and exploring career options: After the assessments, participants will be able to identify careers employing a hands-on approach. They document their research and will run an in-depth career study. We present the latest labour market trends to our students to enable them to make wise decisions. Decide: Learning about the decision-making process and how it relates to the career preparation process will help participants make decisions about their career plans. Self-Confidence: Self-confidence and self-esteem are usually tied together. In this session, participants will examine approaches, for example, to focus on the positive, learn from failure and transfer it. Action planning: Produce a step-by-step Student Investment Plan in cooperation with the Facilitator. This lesson will also present how to stay on track and focused. Ensuring that participants are capable of accomplishing their goal is the top priority. Also read: Why student need guidance and counselling in education to build their future What Makes Us The Preferred Choice for career workshop for schools Career Counselling is the process of giving guidance, support and advice for selecting the stream after class 10th, and the ideal livelihood after 12th. It involves cooperation from the schools. Indecision and career confusion can affect a student at any stage of their career. Therefore, it's necessary to find the support plan ahead and to resolve it. Idreamcareer offers students an opportunity to explore different career options, their scope, schools and opportunities, and help them make the right career choice. Having a team of career counsellors from Harvard, ISB, IIT and India's leading psychologists, you can be confident you'll find the most reliable advice. It also offers career training for schools.

Parent workshops in schools

Parent workshops in schools : Parent Workshops in Schools Right from the birth of a child, parents play the most important role in shaping the future of the child. The career choices of children are often greatly influenced by the dreams and ambitions of their parents. However, this does not mean that the parents should decide the future. The parents play an important role in helping their child choose a career option that is suitable for the child’s capabilities and wishes. Therefore, it is not enough that only the children are counseled in the field of possible career choices. It is important to counsel the parents at the same time regarding their children’s career choices. This makes it extremely important to conduct parent workshops in schools, in order to guide the parents in the right way of supporting their children’s career choices. This is the reason behind the increasing popularity of parenting workshops in schools in India. How the parent workshops in schools work in India with iDreamCareer works? The rate of student suicides has increased manifold in the last few years. This is a clear indication that the parents have gone wrong somewhere in effective parenting. With the increasing cases of wrong or unsuccessful parenting, iDreamCareer has recognised the need to conduct parenting workshops in schools along with workshops conducted for the children. Their expert team conducts workshops for parents in the school where the parents are taught the basics of effective and good parenting. The parents are taught basic skills such as listening to their children’s independent opinions, engaging in healthy debate, having a non-violent style of parenting, respecting the privacy of the children, creating an atmosphere where the children are comfortable sharing all their problems with their parents, healthy discussions about career choices, supporting the career preferences of the children, and the like. Also read: Career counseling is helpful in India to get the best platform for student Objectives of parents workshops in schools with iDreamCareer: Our parents are expected to be perfect in their parenting, but often we fail to realise that our parents are not born with excellent parenting skills. They require training, counselling and workshops for parents to learn the fundamentals of effective parenting. The benefits of parent involvement in schools include better participation and contribution to the development of their children. iDreamCareer conducts workshops for parents in the school in order to educate them about good parenting skills which in turn benefits both, the parents as well as the children. Their primary objective is to ensure that the parents can develop a perfectly balanced attitude with the perfect, difficult-to-achieve balance between leniency and strictness towards their children. A harmonised and peaceful environment is created in which communication flows smoothly in both directions, from parents to children and the other way round too. This is how a healthy parent-child relationship is established. Also read: Reasons why career guidance can drive your progress in the right direction What makes us the preferred choice for parent workshops in schools? iDreamCareer’s experienced and highly qualified team conducts workshops for the parents in schools in small groups so that individual attention can be given to every parent who attends the workshop. Conducting workshops in large numbers often leads to attendees getting less or compromised attention. The people conducting parenting workshops in schools on behalf of iDreamCareer make it a point to address the individual queries and problems raised by those attending the workshop. Moreover, the workshops are conducted in a time-effective fashion keeping in mind the busy schedules of the working parents as well as at-home parents. The parenting workshops conducted by the highly experienced team helps parents to guide their children in the right way and helps in discovering their child’s true potential. This is what makes it different from the other organisations that conduct parent workshops in school. Over the past seven years, iDreamCareer has successfully affected 1.1 million lives, including both students as well as parents. The continuously increasing success rates go on to show the amazing benefits of parenting workshops in schools organised by iDreamCareer. iDreamCareer has worked with over 1200 schools in the Middle-East, thereby imparting invaluable services to a large number of children and their parents. The interests of every parent attending their parenting workshops in schools are addressed. The problems are duly analysed by the highly qualified team, and viable solutions are provided. The parents are also taught important skills as to how they can cooperate with the school to make sure that their children achieve success in all fields. iDreamCareer recognises the fact that exemplary performance only in academics does not help the children to achieve success in life. They train the parents to focus on the all-round development of their children. The parents are taught to focus on the talents of their children, be it academic or co-curricular, and nurture such talent. This is how iDreamCareer ensures that parents are equipped with the necessary knowledge to guide their children on the path to success.

Teacher training programs in India

Teacher training programs in India : Teacher Training Programs in India An individual's education is the cornerstone upon which they build their potential. A teacher goes to his student's techniques and knowledge, but also with the confidence and capacity grow to grow and learn beyond the classroom. This is precisely the need for teacher training programs in India. In an era of tremendous transformations, schooling is undergoing a paradigm shift where the focus is shifting from behavioural to cognitive learning. It requires teachers to take up new jobs and meet the challenges of reforms in teacher training programs. Together with the National Curriculum Framework 2005 and the Right to Education Act, India has seen a considerable rise in enrolment ratio. National polls, however, suggest that learning results among primary school pupils stay dismal. This has been because of the low quality of teacher training certificate courses at institutions. In the majority of these associations, several posts remain vacant which influence the standard of the teacher training program. Lists of the Teacher Training Programs and its highlights 1. BA + B.ED INTEGRATED COURSE B.Ed stands for Bachelor of Education. It is a program that makes one eligible to take up teaching as a standard profession. However, the Government has chosen to introduce integrated programs. This was done due to the shortage of teachers that we've been facing for a while. BA-B.Ed integrated class was created as part of the step by the authorities. The Program is a combination of a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education Degrees (Dual Degree). 2. B.SC + B.ED INTEGRATED COURSE Earlier, pupils had to undergo B.Ed Program individually, after finishing B.Sc Course. However thanks to the introduction of B.Sc + B.Ed integrated program, things are now a lot simpler! This program is a mixture of B.Sc and B.Ed Degrees. 3. B.EL.ED B.El.Ed. is an elementary teachers training program. This class was designed to train pupils and earn them able to take up the function of the school teacher. This program is a mixture of theory and practicum classes. 4. D.EL.ED. D.El.Ed Stands in Elementary Education for Diploma. It's a teacher's training Diploma certification program. It's a great alternate to B.El.Ed Course. The class trains students and makes them effective at taking up the use of the school teacher. 5. B.P.ED B.P.Ed Stands for Bachelor of Physical Education. It's also referred to as the BPE program. It's a Degree program that concentrates on Physical Education. 6. DPE DPE stands for Diploma in Physical Education. It's an undergraduate Diploma certification program that concentrates on Physical Education. 7. B.ED B.Ed is a PG program. Graduates are entitled to pursue this route after finishing their Bachelor's Degree program. Before, the length of B.Ed course was one year. However, this program has been exposed to revision and a two decades long variant of this program was introduced. This qualification is needed to be a teacher at the secondary and higher secondary level. B.Ed Course may be chased after finishing course. Also read: Career advice no one ever gives How the teacher training programs with Idreamcareer.com works? Teaching is a noble profession. Teachers are hugely respected and valued in society. Education plays a significant part in all-round development and prosperity of a country. Teachers play an essential role. During our teacher training programs in India, teachers learn how to build links between the sources in the surroundings as well as the pursuits of their kids. Our trainees understand by observing, questioning, being and encouraging a model, teachers help and struggle, kids, sharing in enthusiasm their excitement and also their desire to learn. We instruct our trainees that actions must be project-based, child-centred, spontaneous, self-guided, planned and advanced. Objectives of teacher training certificate course from IDC We instruct our trainees the value of cultivating connections between kids and adults. We believe in studying with our students in teacher training courses. Teachers must be educated to take responsibility for setting the surroundings dependent on the inputs. An important part of our teachers' training program would be that the development of empathetic thinking among kids through which our trainees are educated to create in kids an understanding of another individual's thoughts and feelings in addition to the maturation of problem-solving abilities such as helping, turn-taking, co-operating with other people and discussing. Also read: Handling peer pressure, one step at a time What Makes Us The Preferred Choice for teacher training programs Having the vision to train teachers who can measure beyond the limits of knowledge, Idreamcareer exposes the student-teachers into quite a few adventures in the field of teaching. Community investigations and activities, teaching training and other hands-on encounters are crucial elements of the training, implemented via HPPI's DMM methodology (Doctrine of Modern Method), which concentrate on providing the students with the resources to program, access and browse their schooling.

Holistic development for students

Holistic development for students : Importance of holistic development for students The education sector in India is experiencing improvements by leaps and bounds in the current era. Armed with technological advancements and a thorough understanding of the psychology of children, education has become an ongoing process dedicated to the progress of life. It is no more just a tool for career building and financial stability. Instead, it has become an integral part of the growth and development of a child’s mental, social, physical, emotional and cognitive aspects. What is holistic development? Understanding the psychology of a child and his/her development is an obligation for all those involved. There is an integral need to develop a perception of the implications of children’s developmental processes in order to process each and every individual issue. The key to this is observation: a keen eye on children and interpreting the observations is the way to go. Education jobs in India are not limited to scholastic expertise anymore. A teacher needs to be well equipped to understand the upheavals in moods of a child and respond accordingly. It is up to those involved in training the mind to train the soul as well, which brings about the need for counselors and practitioners of holistic development. The aim is to chart out every child’s individual capabilities and compare their abilities to the norms of a child their age. A comparative analysis and its results along with relevant reading are used to explain how the traits of the child and aspects of his/her environment may interact to influence his/her growth and development. Holistic development for students seeks to simultaneously address many factors: the physical, emotional, spiritual, relational and intellectual aspects. The importance of the Holistic approach lies in the fact that it is the children who learn different skills in a stage-wise manner, including walking, talking, fine motor skills, etc. Holistic development of students is the overall development in various spheres. Why holistic development? Studies have shown that through playful learning experiences, students can acquire broad, dynamic and interconnected skills rapidly and effectively. There are five skills of holistic development which are essential to children’s positive development. These are needed to navigate successfully and survive in an uncertain and ever-changing world. Gone are the days when parents had time to dedicate entire days to a child. With the way the society is progressing, most families are nuclear families with both sets of a parent employed. While previously children were nurtured thoroughly by mothers so as to develop a worldview, now it’s all about quality time over quantity. This implies schools need to incorporate more than just academic activities to cover for the absence of upbringing that parents indulged in once upon a time. Also read: How career counselling is one of the essential components of today’s education Main principles of holistic development Holistic development seeks to target child personality development in the following ways: Cognitive Cognitive development relates to the brain and its development, i.e, the child’s intelligence. An average brain develops up to 90% of its potential by the age of 5, so children entering preschool are already nearing full development in terms of cranial capacity. What is then required is to sharpen and hone this intelligence. It is common knowledge that young minds are quicker at absorbing information, akin to a sponge. With proper guidance, these fresh minds can master much more. Cognitive development involves thinking, problem solving and understanding of concepts. Language Language and speech are integral parts of an upbringing process. Speaking well and articulating are necessary skills in today’s world. Below the age of 5, children capture linguistic abilities fast and bloom well. Since the brain develops rapidly, it is necessary to stimulate by sight, sounds and speech patterns. Children start with small words in their mother tongue and slowly move on to complex sentences. Gradually, the shift is made towards other languages, commonly English or a third language. Social-Emotional Bringing up the social and emotional sides of the brain requires students to go through experiences that allow provisions for positive relationships while teaching control of emotions. Trust and security are fundamental parts of this, without which a child may grow up to be unhinged. It’s not unheard of for a child going off track due to negligence or necessary guidance. Security found with trusted adults leads to attachments and a strong foundation for future emotional links as they learn to be confident and secure in their abilities and sense of self. Jobs in education sector these days require training of the caregivers so that they can encourage young minds in self-restraint or control over their rampant emotions and understanding of feelings inside. As the brain develops, children are overwhelmed by various new and fluctuating emotions like anger and sadness. There is a need for assistance in order to teach them to take charge of these emotions. Anger management, dealing with sensitivity, depression, ego, etc. are aspects of healthy social-emotional development. This ensures a child is more open to other forms of development involved in the holistic approach. Physical It is common knowledge that children are little balls of unbridled energy. This energy is essential to make the necessary neural connections for overall healthy and complete development. Exercise and movement of any form lead to increased blood flow in the body. With increasing blood flow to the brain, the child becomes capable of acquiring new information and concepts. It is the development of the gross and fine motor skills that enable a child to be healthy and fit. Not only that, children learn to be aware of their sensory understandings and recognize their implications to implement well in the future. Also read: Reasons why scoring average isn’t the end of the world In conclusion What children require today in schools are not only academic lessons. Jobs in the education industry now require qualifications to handle personality development and imparting of life skills. A schooling system that helps the child understand his being, emotions and mental duress while teaching them how to build up healthy, functional relationships and develop resilience team spirit is the true form of education. Such a system boosts the morale of a student so that they can go on to achieve greater heights in their careers while becoming upstanding citizens of the society who contribute to the growth and development of the country.

How to Get into Jobs in the Education sector

How to Get into Jobs in the Education sector : How to Get into Jobs in the Education Sector In every child, there is the future of humanity. If progress has to be made, care has to be infused into the young minds and fragile hearts early on. Developing a child into a respectable, functional part of the society is like the unveiling of a butterfly: during metamorphosis from a larva to a fully grown one, many stages have to be overcome. This task is majorly taken up by parents at home, and teachers at school. There’s a reason why a school is like a second home, it is where a child’s personality and worldview develops. Teaching is not just about imparting knowledge. It’s more about teaching the ways of the world and survival. Teachers are the folks who can make or break your personality, so no wonder there’s such a demand for education jobs in India. If you’re thinking of how to get into jobs in the education sector, this read will be definitely helpful. How is the scenario of the education sector in India? India ranks second only to China in terms of population. Housing more than 1 billion people, it has its fair share of the younger crowd. So, it’s obvious that there’s a forever rising demand for people in the education sector, especially in rural areas. Digital India is the latest slogan of the government. With the advent of digital, interactive classrooms and online education systems, there is a rise in the demand for people with technical knowledge in the sector. So, the misconception that education sector is limited to teaching is steadily overturning. There is a constant incremental foreign investment in the education sector in India. This is further aided by the fact that India has a significant English speaking population. This implies greater ease of access for commerce and business, leading to greater donations and investments in the education of the masses. Government policies have been heavily supportive of compulsory education over the last few years. With primary schooling mandated and free, there is a need for more personnel and administrators in the sector. The education sector is a huge employer of the female population of the country. Due to prevalent misconceptions and patriarchy, teaching has been a profession largely handled and thought to be for the women. Though the scenario isn’t something worth appreciating, one cannot deny the huge scope this provides to women looking for ways to start or restart their career. Maybe, if as a woman you’re looking at the options on how to get into jobs in the education sector, it’s a good time to refill your confidence What’s new to jobs in the education industry in India? Interactive classrooms Smart learning tools are the newest aids for teachers. Learning is an ever growing process. The more creative and innovative a teacher can be with his/her demonstrations, the more gain for the young mind. With digitized teaching methods and live demonstrations, digital classrooms bring forward a stress-free and interactive environment where a student isn’t afraid to ask questions. Tailored to each instead of all Not every child is the same. Some catch on fast, others require more personalized training methods. With a small teacher to student ratio, each child can learn equally at the end of the day. The teacher has time to recognize a child’s weaknesses and strengths and plan lessons accordingly. Personalization is the key to well-rounded teaching. Virtual and augmented reality-based teaching AI is the future. Any explanation or demonstration is explained better with the help of animation or reality. If not feasible practically, it’s best approached with the help of augmented or virtual reality. Not only does this draw in the attention of children who find theoretical, bookish learning difficult, but it also imprints concepts in the minds of children for effective understanding and retention of information. Skill development Extracurricular activities and skills are no longer separate from scholastic ones. For overall personality development, sports and extra skills have begun to take equal importance, especially considering the growing career opportunities in every sphere. Vocational training and skills like arts, crafts, sports, personal grooming, music, etc. combined with academic knowledge are taking precedence these days for bookish learning.          Also read: Exploring the noblest profession of all - Teaching New horizons of jobs in the education sector With a broadening of worldview, growing globalization, and ever-increasing population, finding a job in the education sector in India is not very difficult, if one is aware of the process and scopes. Teaching based- Indian education comes in layers. Pre-school, primary, middle, secondary and higher secondary, followed by college level education are the existing broad layers. Pre-schools are compulsory but recommended for better development below the age of 5. The caregiver has to be efficient in caring for preschoolers and keep them engaged in learning activities.   Primary schools are mandatory until the age of 14. Primary school teachers are required to have overall knowledge regarding most basic concepts related to science, maths, social science, languages, etc. Middle and secondary prepares the child for 10th board exams, necessary of the first certification examination in a child’s life, be it under ICSE, CBSE, or state boards. Secondary teachers have to deal with teenagers, so they need to be experts at not just their subjects but also in guidance and counseling.   Higher secondary is highly specialized education, focused on one aspect, like science, arts, commerce, etc. With the broad discipline determined, it prepares the adolescent for adulthood and college education. High school teachers are required to be experts as well as capable of tackling confused teenagers and career counseling. College bifurcates into discreet, focussed areas of understanding. Professors at this level need to be subject matter experts as well as are expected to provide career help, direction or become research guides for the creative minds. Non-teaching based- Administrative: The board of directors in a school, the principal and his/her team of assistants, librarians, etc. help in the functioning of an educational organization. There are school nurses and sports directors for the medical and physical uplifting of the child, along with counselors. Most of the jobs in education industry require high qualifications. Support: Many schools have provisions for meals, which require cooks and servers. Additionally, lab helpers, janitors, receptionists and security guards, are other jobs that do not require as many academic qualifications but are no less important. Coaching and other services: Running a coaching institute has become a business, especially for engineering and medical aspirants. Such centers are always on the lookout for new fresh recruits who have ample conceptual background. Other jobs in the sector make use of the latest growing developments like personalized training and curriculum setup help. Selling such digital solutions for educational aids require technical and financial qualifications and mastery over the understanding of young minds. Also read: Experiment with diverse career options in Physics In conclusion: Most of these jobs demand at least 10+2 education completed, if not more, like TET and B.Ed degrees. The sector of education jobs in India is a flourishing area with a high degree of absorbance. With the acceptance of modern technologies in recent curriculum changes all over, it is expected that the face of Indian education will change, balancing on the shoulders of able, fresh recruits joining the sector.  

Best Career Options that are Great for Women

Best Career Options that are Great for Women : Best Career Options that are Great for Women From financial independence to having a family, from a progressive career to a great personal and social life, today’s women want it all and there is nothing that can hold them back. In the 21st century, all women are equal to men and there is absolutely no ground for any discrimination. From becoming leaders of the world to acting as a homemaker, breadwinner, mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, confidant, cook, and so on, today’s women can do it all.  Women are known to the best multi-taskers who are capable of doing an exemplary job for whatever roles they have been assigned. Women have come a long way in asserting their freedom and establishing their position in society. Nowadays, their career is as important to women as is their other roles in life. It is important for women to choose a career for which they don’t have to compromise on their other roles in life. Today’s women are marking their presence in every field, be it in the public or private sectors. Needless to say, they have been doing an excellent job of proving themselves. Many women are confused as to which career options suit them the best. Although it varies according to each woman’s specific requirements, the best career options for women can be narrowed down to the following options. The career options highlighted below are some of the best career options for women all around the world. Let’s take a look at some good careers for women: Entrepreneurship This is a great career option for women who look forward to starting and managing their own business from the grass-root level. Entrepreneurship gives women the flexibility to divide their time between their job and their other responsibilities as per their own choice. It is a great way of giving back to the society on one’s personal terms. This career option makes women feel independent and self-sufficient as they are able to support their dreams, in the way they want to, without being controlled by anybody else. Teaching Teaching is always considered as one of the best career options for women. Teaching is not only an extremely noble and rewarding profession but also an excellent way in which women get to play an important role in shaping people’s lives. With the education sector’s increasing demand for professionals, women are being preferred over men for teaching jobs. If the required educational requisites are fulfilled, teaching is an excellent career idea for females. Medicine Being natural caregivers, the field of medicine has seen the rapid rise in the demand for female professionals. Ranging from doctors to nurses, there are a plethora of jobs that are suitable for women in the field of medicine. Gynaecology and Obstetrics still demand more women practitioners than men. It is a Given that medicine is a highly noble and respectable profession, well-qualified and hard-working women in the field of medicine even receive more respect and recognition. Therefore, one of the best career options for women. Human Resources This field is designed for those who have a penchant for working in the corporate field and have the capabilities to resolve organizational problems. Human Resources is one of the rapidly developing career options for women. The main functions of a Human Resources personnel are to shortlist and interview candidates, hire and train them, set their pay, design appraisal systems, benefits and perks, formulate policies and leave structures, look after employee welfare and settle disputes. Every company nowadays needs a team of qualified and experienced Human Resources personnel to address any organizational issues that take place because such issues can jeopardize the company’s standing in the particular industry to which it belongs. What is more, this sector of job pays well too, making it a top ranker in the list of good careers for women. Interior Design Women often put in a lot of effort and planning into decorating and setting up their own homes. Needless to say, it requires a lot of keen observation, talent, an excellent sense of design and creativity to beautifully maintain a home. It is but natural that women in the field of interior design are more in demand than their male counterparts. It is one of the best career ideas for females because it allows women to use their creativity in a productive fashion. Digital/I.T. Industry With the rapid expansion of the digital or Information Technology (IT) industry, the demand for professionals who have the required skills is forever on the rise. This is a great opportunity for those women who take an interest in the IT sector and computers in general. Women who have completed a certified course in the field of computer science are eligible for jobs in this sector. Moreover, the pay-scale for jobs in the Information Technology or Digital Sector is quite high. This makes these type of jobs one of the most alluring career ideas for females. Also read: 10 new age careers in technology Media and Journalism For women who are creative and good at communication, the media sector holds a wide range of opportunities. This field of work allows women to exercise their creative freedom to a considerable extent along with the opportunity for mental stimulation. This sector allows women to have a close connection with reality and how the whole world perceives it. Jobs in the media and journalism sector pay well too. This is what makes this field of jobs as one of the best career choices for females. Fashion Designing This field of work requires individuals to have a keen sense of style, fashion, intellect, and creativity, all of which are somewhat inherently present in women. The fashion designing sector is full of enthusiastic, passionate and creative women who are constantly hustling to reach newer heights of success in their lives. The world of fashion design is full of name, fame, and money, making it one of the most lucrative career options for women. For women who have completed a certified course in fashion designing, it is the best career option. Lawyer This is one of the highest paying and respectable career options that are available to women. Women who have completed their legal studies become lawyers and strengthen the judicial system of the country. Moreover, there are certain fields of law in which the females are given more preference as lawyers than their male counterparts. This sector of work also provides a great deal of job-satisfaction and is an extremely noble profession. This makes it one of the best career choices for women. Also read: Awesome tips that may help you to get better career in life It is well known that the women of today are no less than their male counterparts and can, therefore take up any profession as per their requirements. Women have proven themselves time and again by showing the society that there is no job that a woman is incapable of. With the increase in female literacy rates and the defeat of mindless patriarchy, the day of no discrimination on the basis of gender is not far away. The career options mentioned above are just a few choices that are generally more preferred than the other professions. It must be borne in mind that career options are never limited and that there is a vast ocean of opportunities for today’s women to explore. 

Know how to restart your career after a break

Know how to restart your career after a break : How to Restart Career after a break Career is an important facet of any individual's life. In our society, a job defines us and grants us social standing. Moreover, a career gives us the freedom to live our life on our own terms, especially for a woman in India, where the length of her dress decides her virtue, where women are supposed to stay home and take care of the family. As such, having an individual career is essential for a woman. Not just for its financial benefits, but also for the sense of identity that a job can offer her. Taking time off between jobs However, sometimes unforeseen situations in life can compel a woman to take a break from her career. This break may be of a few weeks to months to even years, depending on the reason behind the gap and the situation. Most women choose to quit their job after their marriage, either to relocate with their husbands or to take care of their children. The former, sometimes, allow them to resume their work after a short period of adjustment to the new city. However, the latter and related reasons can have a woman take a break that lasts years. Whatever may be the reason, and how much ever long the gap is, career breaks always affect the future employability of an individual, even more so for a woman. There are a few reasons why this happens, and they are: Inability to explain the gap: In a professional setting, personal matters have no value. In an office, work and its related issues matter more than an individual's private problems do. Bringing personal matters to the workplace, in fact, is frowned upon in all organizations. As such, taking a career break for reasons like pregnancy or marriage is not something most companies appreciate. Therefore, when a woman decides to work again and goes for interviews, one of the most difficult questions to answer is, "What were you up to during this gap?" An answer like, "taking care of family" would be frowned upon because the company, honestly, doesn't care about it. What they want to hear is that you have been keeping your skills up-to-date and were involved in a professional arena. An absence of this leads to many women not receiving jobs, and if they do, they are paid significantly less than their male counterpart and the rest of the staff in the department. They will most likely be treated like a fresher when they are not. Company's concerns about skills: As mentioned above, what company cares about in your resume and about you is what skills you possess and what work you can handle. As such, they would be concerned about the career break because they feel that the gap has compromised the relevance of your skills in an ever-changing, ever-growing job industry. Which, in a way, it has. Because, while dealing with whatever reason you had to take a break, chances are you lag behind as far as industrial skills are concerned. Especially if you haven't been professionally active in the years during the gap. Therefore, organizations will be hesitant about giving you the job because of their anxieties regarding your ability to get back to a professional space after a significant period of time. Clash between schedules: A career break means a lot of changes in your schedule, especially if you took a gap because you were starting a family. You may want to spend a little more time with your children than in front of a computer, especially if your children aren't independent yet. As such, resuming work can be challenging because you will have to balance between work and home. Moreover, the company you wish to work for should be supportive of this changed schedule. Which means you require a flexible work culture that allows you, on occasion, to work from home. This is something not all companies are willing to offer, hence they hesitate to hire you. Also read: Career advice no one ever gives Getting back into the workforce However, these factors need not hinder your plan to resume back to work. The tips listed below shall have you back on your feet in no time. Here is how to restart a career after a break: Have a plan before taking a break Before considering taking a break from your career, it is advisable to plan your gap carefully. Often unplanned breaks lead to women never resuming work. Therefore, when you start thinking about quitting the job, ask yourself a few questions first. Do I need to quit working at this point? Do I have options to work part-time or online? What is my deadline for resuming back to work? When you answer these questions, you will know how exactly your break is going to be and how you can get back to working afterwards. Planning your break is an essential part of a career gap, without which it will be tough resuming back to work. Network With platforms like LinkedIn, Quora, Reddit, and other social media websites, networking is not tough. Resuming back to work, in fact, requires you to network as much as possible, with people from your field and outside. During the career break, women should make it a point to stay in touch with former colleagues and co-workers, as doing so will ensure you are up-to-date with the latest news. Moreover, there are instances where people have networked their way into jobs using platforms like LinkedIn. Therefore, one of the first steps one should take when thinking about resuming back to work is to stay connected with people in the industry.   Freelance and internships As mentioned above, companies look for professional experience during your career gap. As such, having internships and freelance practice on your resume can boost your chances of getting hired by organizations. Learn constantly The importance of skills cannot be stressed enough when it comes to returning back to work after a career break. Therefore, it is pertinent to keep oneself update with the new products, software, or skills in the concerned industry. Use networking, webinars and seminars, reading materials, and training programs to learn new things related to your job. Doing so will ensure you get hired by companies easily. Also read: 10 signs that you need help from career counsellor Career breaks are inevitable for most individuals, considering their situations. However, a gap need not be the end of their professional dreams and aspirations. Returning back to work is tough, but not impossible. If one is to follow the tips above, it won't be long before they find themselves getting back into the workforce.